Pain and clicking when straightening leg -- anyone ever have this

hackwriterSeptember 1, 2007

I have been known to have sciatica in both hips. I keep it under control by doing yoga. For various reasons, I went a month without doing any, and I've developed a strange thing where sometimes if I straighten my leg from a bent position (usually while sitting), there's a flash of pain behind the knee and an audible click. The pain stops shortly after the click. I'm thinking it's related to sciatica, but I'm not certain. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I am 52 and generally creaky, which is why I do the yoga. :)

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Usually sciatica is not related to clicking in the knee. Your problem sounds like it related more to a cartilage problem. One problem that causes knee pain is called "chondomalacia of the patella". It generally occurs is young people, and usually in females.

Usually the pain with chondomalacia occurs after the knee is in a bent position for a period of time, and can be relieved by straightening the legs. Recommended treatment usually involves NSAIDS such as ibuprofen or naproxen, exercises to strengthen quads, and avoiding activities that irritate the joint, such as climbing stairs.

If you have problems with arthritis, that is another possible etiology of your pain. Problems with any other joints?

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Nope. No other joint problems. Some intermittent soreness in one wrist, but that's usually dependent on how I sleep (and I am also on a keyboard all day). The pain is BEHIND the knee, in the pack of the leg where the joint I don't think it's related to the kneecap.

Time to get back to those warrior poses!

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Actually chondromalacia can cause pain in either the front or the back of the that could be the problem..

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Also sounds like maybe the catching caused by osteroarthritis? One thing I've learned with my 2 bad knees is that knee pain can be funky in terms of knowing exactly where its coming from. Right now, my knee is causing my entire leg to ache, with every little pain at the knee itself.
I also have kneecaps that are off center. It used to help to wear a brace or tape the kneecaps over to the inside of the knee with special tapes. They would feel so much better in that better position. You might do a search on "knee taping".

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