OT- Do you have a toaster oven you love?

caminncMarch 10, 2012

My just barely two year old Cuisinart toaster oven's broiler just died. Thought I would ask the experts if you love yours. Thanks!

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Everyone seems to love their Brevilles, whenever this topic comes up.

I "like" my Krups FBC. Might even say I am "kindly disposed" toward it. "Love" is going a little far. If it broiled more powerfully, then by all means, show me the altar.

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I don't love my new Black and Decker. It has too many dials to adjust. It also takes a little too long to toast things, although I'm getting used to that. I do like that it has a removable crumb tray.

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I'm stiiiilllll waiting for my old B&D toaster oven to die so I can try a Breville. I think it's holding on to spite me! It does everything I ask it to do, though--it's just not pretty anymore (who would be after 8-9 yrs of constant use), but it's hidden in the pantry (made space for it when we built the house), so I can't justify a new one on looks alone.

I've ALWAYS had a toaster oven, and I'm pretty sure they've always been B&D brand, but I did notice in the beginning of the current one that it takes a smidge longer to toast (broil) my toast than the previous one.

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Everyone seems to love their Brevilles, whenever this topic comes up.

Everyone except me, that is. It's been suggested that perhaps my problem is I've got the large one and everyone else who loves theirs has the small. Could be.

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Thanks to all of you I purchased the large size Breville oven when this subject was discussed some time ago. I love it! I love the convection oven which will perfectly bake two loaves of bread at the same time plus anything else that fits into it. Here is the secret to making perfect toast with it. Lay the piece/s of bread to be toasted on the black round pizza pan that is included with the oven. Keep the oven rack in the middle position. Adjust the toast setting to the number of slices. i.e. set at 2 for one slice of bread, set at 3 for additional slices. After a few trials you will figure out which toast setting to use. I seldom turn on my large oven any more as the Breville meets all my baking/toasting/browning needs for the two of us.

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I also love-love-love my Breville Smart oven. If it fits in the oven- I use the Breville.
Use a coupon and buy from Bed Bath and Beyond. If mine broke today, I would replace it tomorrow with the same product!

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I don't have a toaster oven but I do want one. The Breville is what I've decided on. Maybe one of these days when the kitchen remodel quits draining the bank account.

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Are there any T&T toaster ovens that are not made in China?

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I'm lusting after a Breville large Smart oven,but can't justify buying it becasue my Cuisinart is going strong.

I just wanted to mention that you may want to try contacting Cuisinart. When my Cuisinart TO died about two years ago I called them and they sent me a new one - and the original was several years old. I do not remember if I had saved any of my paperwork or not.


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