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two25acresSeptember 1, 2010

My mom had a stroke a couple of years ago and she is diabetic. She is becoming extremely unsteady on her feet and fears falling. She watched her mother fall a couple of times and break her hips. She's having problems with her feet, she's tried the medical shoes but they just seem to be big boats on her feet. They are heavy and large. She is petite, very tiny legs - chicken legs. Can anyone make any recommendations on shoes. I had her try on some of my shoes recently, Born, Joseph Siebel, Dansko and Tsubo. She needs the shoe to be light but supportive and soft under her feet. We are in the Midwest so winter is approaching and I'll need to find something for that season as well. Any thoughts?

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I would try an good athletic shoe. One that is light yet has good support. Make sure they are wide enough for her--they do come in wide widths, or do what I do and buy men's. A white shoe is a white shoe and no one knows the difference. A gel insert will make them soft on the feet without adding weight.

She should also have a walker or a cane, because she probably has a problem with balance. I know how she feels. I've broken my hip and it's something I don't want to experience again. Most times I don't need my cane, but it comes in handy if I feel off balance.

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I was going to say the same thing--a good athletic shoe like New Balance, or many others. She might think they are heavy or "big" looking, but everyone wears them because they are comfortable, supportive and safe. The tread on the bottom will help keep her from slipping. If she walks outside, it might be wise to get her some of those things which grip on the bottom of the shoes in case of icing. carries lots of foot-related items if you want to shop online, but probably the best would be a trip to an athletic shoe store. I also like Penneys for shoes. I saw Clarks had a nice athletic shoe at Penneys, but they were $100 so I passed them by. You might take a look at Clarks if you go to Penneys. Maybe they would have an appropriate slip-on in case she has trouble tying. But watch the bottoms--you want tread not smooth.

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Thank you for the information. I was watching her walk the other day and it really reminded me of a toddler wearing the old leather shoes (ankle high) with a solid leather sole. Instead of walking it was as if she was lifting her feet and setting them down. Does that make sense? I'll have her try the athletic shoes, I don't have any of them myself so I didn't think to have her try them. Thank you again.

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I'm thinking something like Easy Spirit. They have a bunch of models that are supportive, but don't have alot of extra sole to them. Some athletic shoes have so much sole that they are easy to trip over, just walking in them.
Take a look at some Easy Spirit models.
Shoes these days seem to come with way too much lace. So you might have to buy a shorter lace to go with an athletic-type shoe, so she doesn't trip over it.

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I Googled "lightweight shoes" and here is a piece from with the best ratings and where you can get them. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: lightweight shoes

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Footsmart has shoes for problem feet. I buy many of my shoes there. New Balance is a good sport shoe. They will send you a free catalog

Here is a link that might be useful: footsmart

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Thank you again for the information, I will research the links. She went to a foot specialist yesterday, they did an ultrasound of her feet and found bone spurs. Apparently this has happened as a result of walking barefoot which she only does in her home. She can't possibly do it anywhere else. She did pick up a naturalizer slip on slipper for while at home and she says they are comfortable, now I'll start working on the other options for her.
Thank you again.

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