Does anyone else have a problem with dental X-rays?

kathym_2006September 12, 2009

It's 2009 and I am still having the painful X-ray problem. The holder cuts into my flesh when I bite down on it. The dental workers seem to not really care, they act sympathetic but do nothing to solve the problem. When I asked about child-size films, they said they were too small to get enough of an image. I was told my teeth have very long roots. I have a very small mouth, my jaw is in pain after five minutes of dental work. I have been putting off dental work because of this.

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Hi Kathy,
Can you treat yourself ahead of time with NSAIDS or tylenol? Sometimes I do that when I know its going to be a more painful procedure. Do you have alot of other pains in other places?
I have fibromyalgia, and some places on me are just really extra sensitive. I wonder......could the dentist put some topical novacaine on those areas before he takes the xrays?

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I have a very small mouth, and my dentist last year switched to a new way of doing X-rays -- instead of the old folded X-ray tabs that go in your mouth (that were bad enough), he now does digital X-rays. And the thing that goes in your mouth to do it is HUGE. And cuts my mouth to ribbons. Add in the fact that I have a really strong gag reflex, and the entire experience is just fun, fun, fun!

Usually after the first X-ray, and a whole lot of kvetching and gagging from me, the technician switches to the child size thingies...

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