clairdo2September 2, 2006

Do magnets for artheritis really work ?

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Magnets were quite a fad several years ago. For those people that had good imaginations, they really worked, for those that were very skeptical, they didn't do much, if any, good.

Arthritis is a pecular thing. It's not unusual for a person to go into a period of much improvement due to diet, weather, activity level, lack of stress, etc. Therefore, if the improvement happens to come at a time when they are also using something like magnets, it's easy to give the credit to the magnet.

Go ahead and try. If you think they make the aches better, then you probably will feel better. The mind is a wonderous thing!!

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Magnets work exceptionally well for the person who is selling them. ;-)

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Mind over matter is how they work. If you think they will, then maybe they will. On the other hand, if you are sceptical then they won't.
Do they really work though? No way in you no what, but they won't do anything to hurt you as long as you don't ignore any meds that you are supposed to take.

As prior post said, the only one that they will work for sure is the one who makes money selling them.

Better to save your money and follow the docs advise, diet, exercise and meds will work

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