Hives or Poison Ivy

wodkaSeptember 12, 2007

As I sit here, miserable and itching, waiting for the doctor's office to open, I thought I'd see if anyone here could help. About a week ago, my cousin and my mother came to visit for the weekend. A day or so after they left, I started itching like crazy. Started on my hands of all places. Found out my cousin said she had poison ivy on her face, near her eye. I washed everything I thought she could have possibly touched. I used an old prescription, (Halobetasol Propionate cream) which had been prescribed when I had a case of poison ivy over a year ago. I've also used over the counter creams and sprays.

It seems like it has gotten worse. My hands feel like they are swollen, and when I get up in the mornings is when they really itch. It has spread to my back and I swear my head is now itching.

I know I'm an idiot for waiting so long to see a doctor. In the meantime, does any one have suggestions to stop this itching?

Other than my cousin, I cannot imagine where I picked this up. We live in a rental apartment that has no yard, we are building a new home, that has no yard yet either. Strange.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi Wodka, sorry you are so miserable. I don't know what on earth it could be but poison is not contagious. You only get it from the plant.

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ledanne, thanks for your sympathy. The doctor has called in a prescription steroid pack or something that should ease the itching. My mother even suggested the possibility of mold, since this complex was in the stages of being built before Katrina. However, my husband has no symptoms and we have been here almost two years. The only other possibility is that I bought cranberry juice (my mother drinks it religiously) for her visit, and I have had a glass of it every day. I read where cranberry juice could cause hives. Don't really know, but will be happy to have the itching stop!

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Poison ivy is not contagious,as leda said. Hives,however,can be brought on by stress. My daughter had them a few weeks ago because she got worked up about her sister going to college and leaving her. She had a huge rash all over her stomach and chest and was itching like crazy! Eventually it went away when her nerves calmed.

Has it gotten any better?

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I get bad rashes that look just like poison ivy even when I know I haven't come in contact with it. I just thought they were psoriasis or ecxema - and somehow more like an allergic reaction. By the time I go to the doctor to have them analyzed and treated they would be gone on their own so I usually treat them myself. I do the ol' timey trick of splashing the affected area with very hot water (almost scalding). This causes the tissues to dump all their histamines at once - makes for a powerful itch. It takes about 8 hours for the histamines to build back up and the site to start itching again. Hot hand towels will sorta work but mostly I use the hand held shower thingy. I'm not sure it speeds up the healing but it controls the itch. And it works for real poison ivy and bug stings as well.

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You've got a prescription now so you probably wouldn't want add one without telling your doctor, but an OTC antihistamine (ie. Benadryl) helps itching from hives - also swelling from insect stings. It's going to make you sleepy so don't take it in the morning if you need to be totally alert :) I don't know if it helps the rash from poison ivy, I've never had that....

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