Supplemental heat for chilly basement

mary_md7January 23, 2014

The Mr and I were talking about a mini-split, but it doesn't seem worth the cost since we don't need it for AC, but only for heat. Or are there such units that are for heat only?

Seems like a hard-wired wall heater would make more sense, if we can find one that is pretty quiet and can handle for the 400 sq ft or so we'd want to heat.


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A very small area.

Area is finished and insulated?

How will this area be used?

What are your fuel choices?

How do you heat your home now?

Post back.


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Finished area of basement is about 400 sq ft. Not terribly well insulated (siding over foamboard from mid-80s, outside back wall is cold). Not a lot of sun due to deck off the back of the first floor. It's a family room with wood burning fireplace with brick hearth/wall at one end. Home is all electric, the heat pump satisfies the thermostat on the entry level but basement is cold.

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Cheapest would be baseboard electric heat sized correctly with a high and low watt rating. Relatively cheap upfront cost, expensive to operate.


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Electric resistance inexpensive to install provided your electric service is sufficient. Expensive to operate. Mini split heat pump, costly to install and inexpensive to operate. You have to do lifetime cost accounting.

You don't have natural gas at the street? Can your heat pump be diverted to service the area? If the home has been made more energy efficient since the last heat pump was installed, it is likely to have excess capacity. Ask an HVAC contractor about the ducting needed and the ability to take the added space.

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