Numb painful hands, fingers?

JoAnn_FlaSeptember 27, 2012

I've been suffering with this for about 40 yrs, its just gotten worse this year. My hands are painful, numb and itch like crazy. Does anyone else have this problem or know what the cause is?

It starts while I sleep, and extremly bad after I get up and try to do my hair/makeup. It will last all day on & off. It's from the wrist down to the fingers.

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Could it be rheumatoid arthritis? Or might you have an allergy to a medication? Have you been to a doctor? Are your hand swollen? When I'm allergic to a medication, my hands itch and hurt at the same time. But they don't feel are your feet? Has it happened in your feet as well?

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No its not arthritis, I think its carpel tunnel. Not allergic to meds, this has been going on for 40 yrs! No swelling in hands or feet either. The Dr's seem to go with the Carpel tunnel, no one ever gets down to what it is. I know its getting worse but usually its not as bad in the winter.

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My MIL had carpel tunnel in one hand and she had surgery. She quilts and works in the garden. She has not complained about it for many years. She does have trouble opening jars, but so do I.

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I just purchased some prolotex Far Infrared gloves, its supposed to help this problem. I haven't got them yet but I will let you know if they help. They are kind of expensive.

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