Knee surgery that led to foot problems

catherinetSeptember 11, 2010

I'm 60 and I had a right knee meniscus tear repair 4 years ago. Then I proceeded to develop a neuroma in that foot. Now I'm having even more problems in that foot (hammer toe developed).

I'm having major problems with that knee again and probably need a replacement. But I guess its common, once you remove some of the torn meniscus, to have the lower part of your leg bend out (like knocked knees). I'm realizing that this is what is causing my foot problems.

Anyone else have meniscus surgery and have it mess up their foot later?

What a drag to get old and wear out. :(

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I really think you should see s physiotherapist. My leg is completely better. It could be your muscles are out of whack.

My sister had her toe operated on and after she was walking properly again she had pain in her legs until the muscles started working the right way again.

As you know my leg was affected from my hip operation. I had brusitis and the iliotibal band was affected. $380 and 4 weeks later it is completely better.

There are a lot of different muscles in the leg. When you are in pain they work differently than normal because you walk differently. After an operation, you walk differently. You can't expect them to work correctly after they have been trained to work another way without some proper exercise and correcting. That's what a physiotherapist does.

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