Found a Lump in My Abdomen

tiogaSeptember 18, 2004

How nerve racking!! Yesterday I found it and have no idea what it could be, unless a hernia. The lump is about as big as a plum. Any ideas?

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Where?...Are you male or female? Have you ever had any sort of cancer? Is it sore?
Of course you know to get to a Dr as soon as possible...
Scary stuff!
Linda C

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Yes, I'm female and no, no previous cancer. It's located just to the right of the middle of the abdomen. My appointment with the doctor is Monday.

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Hoping it's just a hernia....keep us posted.
Linda C

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It's probably a tumor.Nothing to worry about.Most times they don't have to cut.Just screw you open like my daughter.Back on your feet in no time.

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