Neck pain

NikeSeptember 17, 2004

My father has this new pain that's just behind his left ear in his neck. It came on gradually. Does anyone have any suggestions on what he can take for it?

I mentioned that I take aleve (naproxen) and advil (ibuprofen) for my pains, but I don't know what else to suggest... ???

Please help...

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I'd say it depends on the source of the pain. I get pain behind my right year but it's due to a strained muscle from an old whiplash years ago. Other sources of pain would probably require more than just pain medication.

If it continues, I'd encourage him to see a doctor to get to the source of the pain.


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I've had a lot of problems with degenerated disc disease. I developed pain from behind my left ear, down through my shoulder and centre of back. No one would pay any atention to me. The pain was very severe. I now have a new Dr. and he immediately told me that he thought it was the trapezious muscle, not the discs. I have allergies and can't take many medications. He did give me something but I could not tolerate it. He told me to do exercising by shrugging my shoulders. I can't believe the difference. I feel better than I have for months. If you look this muscle up on the web, you will see it covers all these areas. I so much wish someone would have listened to me before as the pain was terrible! Hope this helps.

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