How to get rid of acne

parker_growSeptember 13, 2008

Me Parker recently i m going through an irritating skin problem.I had a gr8 smooth skin a couple of months ago but right now noticing my skin gets oily gradually that even didn't scare me.What actually scare me is? The rashes which came out on my back, neck and forehead 2 days ago.As of now i m in a big trouble pls help me out by advising some useful medications to clear those rashes.

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You need to go see your doctor. You need to have a doctor determine what the "rash" is on your back, neck and forehead.

It may or may not be acne, only a doctor can determine that for you.


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Ya itÂs a case of acne and doctor said that there is no need to worry about it.ItÂs in the first phase and prescribed me to take accutane as a solution.But I have no desire to use it because it has lots of side effects.Can u pls tell me an alternative one with out side effect.

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A good diet, a good facial cleanser, drink lots of water, and like Devorah said, time.

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If you are interessted, you may access an article I have written on how to get rid of your acne for good naturally and safely.

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Acne just doesn't appear overnight. A reputable Doctor would not choose to treat you with accutane, they would try other, safer, treaments first. It sounds more like some type of allergic reaction or irritation. Maybe you are using a different detergent washing clothes, different soap in bath. Accutane is usually a last resort medication for long time severe acne that doesn't respond to other treatment. Accutane is very expensive and side effects can be bad for some peole. Go see another Doctor if that is really what was prescribe on first visit.

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I agree with izzie, get another doctor opinion ASAP.


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