jbkiddSeptember 10, 2006

Hi, don't know if this is the fourm to talk about this but here goes.

My husband and I have sold our home in which we have lived for 28 years. Our 2 daughters were born here and went to school in the neighbourhood.

I know it is time to move on since the property is getting too much for my husband to look after and the house needs a lot of repairs. BUT, I just feel terrible about leave the home and neighbourhood. So many memories, good memories, just feel awful. We are moving into a nice condomimium townhouse but I am sure it will never be home again.

Has anyone else every felt this way??

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I've not had this experience, but I'm sure your feelings are entirely natural. You have years and years of powerful memories of your girls growing up, and it just must make your heart ache to leave. But things change, don't they?

Try thinking of your home as just a building. What gives it life is the people in it, you and your husband and your daughters. And your family is what will give your condo the life you have had in your home, because you are not leaving your family behind.

As for neighbors and leaving those realtionships, that's terribly difficult too, isn't it? Do your best to stay in touch, meet them for lunch and a movie. Call often. Plan a housewarming party and invite the old neighbors--make it a BBQ, sandwiches or something easy to do. Start building some memories in the condo.

If you want more thoughts on this or want to hear from someone who has had a similar experience, you could post your message on the Kitchen Table Forum. It's a very active forum with lots of nice people there.

I'm sorry you are so sad. I hope the move goes well. Best wishes,


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Thanks Susan for you kind thoughts, yes I think I will post my message on the Kitchen Table Forum, never thought of that.

People in the neighbourhood keep coming around and saying good bye, makes me even feel worse.

I know I will eventually get over it, but I truly don't think I will ever think of my new house as my home.

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I think everyone would feel regret and sorrow for leaving a home where there was happiness and memories. We have only been in this house for about 15 years, but it is more like "home" than any place I have ever lived. It would be a big burden to leave.

Take care of yourself. It will never be the same, but the change can have a lot of good things for you too. Don't ignore the new opportunities.

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