Whats the best sport for cardio health?

eddymSeptember 23, 2013

Hey i want to get healthy.. does anyone know the best heart exercise besides running? Is swimming the next best thing? Thanks... I like to have fun whilst exercising.

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My favourites are HIIT and Tabata. Both can be found on Youtube. FitnessBlender has a lot of great workouts (also on youtube).

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I have been through cardio rehab twice with my husband and you wouldn't believe how little exercise you need for your heart. They recommended he walk a mile or 1 1/2 mile in 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. That is not even running. A new study just came out in our local paper and and it said a walker gets more benefit from walking than runners get. It seems if you do heavy exercise on a schedule you body finds a way to protect itself and you don't get the benefits you think you are. I am assuming it is like going on a strict diet. Your body goes into a starvation mode and doesn't burn the calories you normally would.

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EmmaR right on .
One thing to think about when you sweet it is not just water but a mineral soup and you need to replenish those minerals. Not these sports drink that have three minerals you need 60 minerals so look for the supplements drinks that have lots of minerals

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Oh Doug the only way I work up a sweat is to work in the flower beds and I do that just a few times a year. Everything I enjoy is sit down stuff and it hasn't hurt me at all. I will soon be 77 and except for a little arthritis I am in very good health. I eat what I like. If I can't die in my sleep I want to fall face first into a pizza.

The main worry is out living my memory, not going there.

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I think it is good genes. My Mom was 97 when she died and was picking up leaves in the back yard a week before she died. She out lived her desire to live and her memory.

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Anything that you enjoy and will do is the best. Without pain or misery.

I like rebounding, yoga, stretching - walking. Helps me think.

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