no appetite

countrygirl716pccSeptember 22, 2013

Hi for the past month or so I have had no appetite at all, I can go all day without eating but if I don't I get very shaky so I try to eat a little. And when I do eat after a few bites I feel so full like my food is in my throat, not sure what to do but it is starting to concern me.

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Have you seen a doctor?

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I agree with EmmaR see the doctor and find the cause you need the nutrition for health

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Did you have death of someone close to you? Breakup a relationship, etc? Otherwise were you dieting before this started? Are you over 60? Might be depression on aging or friends moving away or into nursing homes etc. if you are just living life & nothing has changed except your eating habits then it probably is medical & you need a dr. If you cook for yourself & fix mostly same things you may be sick of your own cooking also. Try some different food & see if that helps. Also as you get up past 60-70 folks can't tolerate as much acid in foods, orange juice that is "your morning" juice may cause sore throat. Dr. told my mom to stop drinking it as way too much acid but she won't & is so upset about her very sore throat(she gets several pills down with the 3 1/2 oz of juice & won't drink more water & only eats a very small breakfast otherwise, piece of toast,or small waffle, or 1 egg , or 2 tbls cereal in bottom of bowl & about 4 tbls of milk. just not enough to get all those pills down way they should go. Have you vomited? Could be gall bladder or something else, get it checked out.

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country girl have you seen a doctor yet. I have been thinking about you.

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A loss of appetite is one of the signs of stomach cancer. See your doctor

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