Ringworm of the eyes

faithwrkzSeptember 12, 2006

I contracted what I am sure is ringworm of the eyes, 5 years ago from a street cat. I am finding it near impossible to get a doctor to diagnose and treat it - anitbiotics drops are of minimal assistance ( and yes my boyfriend got it off me at one point and had it tracking across his forehead). It is in my sinuses, and i have developed them on the backs of my hands from rubbing my eyes and sneezing. I get very stuffy through the night, and wake up cause I can't breathe. Fungal creams work on the lesions on my skin when it tracks to my under-eyelid area, but what can be used in eyes?

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I would suspect you're having a hard time getting diagnosed with ringworm of the eyes because it doesn't exist. Unless you're really speaking of eyelids. Ringworm grows only on keratinized skin, which isn't in the eye. It also can't grow on sinus tissue which has mucus to protect it. If you have a fungal infection, it isn't ringworm; ringworm doesn't invade deep body cavities. There is no product that I'm aware of that can be safely used in the eye, at least no OTC products. A systemic antifungal would also be available only by perscription.
I would go to an ophthomologist about the eye problem and insist upon corneal scrapings and cytology/culture to find out what is really bugging you. Alternatively an ENT may help with the night-time stuffiness. You may have 2 unrelated problems going on.
Good luck. Sounds miserable and to be putting up with that for 5 years...

Here is a link that might be useful: Ringworm info

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You might have more than one thing wrong. The eyes could be the what grandmothers used to call Pink Eye. Then you could have an allergy to something that is bothering both your eyes and your sinuses. sometimes allergies are hard to figure out. Antibiotics wouldn't help if it is an allergy

After you see an ophtomologist, check with an allergist.

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