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aqua-seasSeptember 5, 2011

I am curious... my mother-in-law is currently in a psyche ward and my husband said he contacted her lawyer about some legal affairs. He said the lawyer asked him to get the dr to sign a letter. The doctor and hubby had a couple discussions and the last one hubby apparantly asked if the dr thought mother could handle investments etc. When the dr said not at this time, hubby asked for a letter for the lawyer. The dr never did. I think he was waiting to see how she was progressing. Mother is doing much better.

Tonight then, the dr called hubby's sister in to his office and told her that my hubby asked for a letter of incompetency on their mother.

He didn't specifically ask for that, but I guess maybe that is what it sounded like, maybe?

Anyway, just out of curiousity, if the doctor had no intention of writing the letter, would it have been better to just tell hubby no or tell sister that her brother asked for the letter?

The reason I ask this is that it has caused a huge, HUGE fight between the siblings. Screaming has gone on for hours. Hubby was trying to protect his mother for now, but sister thinks he was trying to pull a fast one to get control of her finances. I know hubby wasn't but to them it appears that way, I guess I can see that. Just curious for opinion as I sit here listening to the screaming back and forth. Thanks. sigh.....

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Since the siblings are having such a big fight over this, I suspect that the doctor was correct about your husband's reasons for asking for the letter.

It's not the doctor's fault if he did not understand ahead of time that your husband and his sister would fight.

Maybe he expected them to act like adults.

This is where it is important that neither sibling be allowed to make financial arrangements without supervision.

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Thank you, agnespuffin. Another calmer sibling was told of the situation today, and seemed to understand where his brother was coming from, and also the doctor. (It's interesting to be on the outside looking in on the workings of these people.) He says he knows his brother's heart and that he wouldn't do anything to harm the situation, but thinks he used poor judgement in the way he went about it. Too bad my husband always looks guilty no matter what he does. Unfortunately, the doctor is trained to look for things and has to report anything he feels is off. It will be interesting to hear what the 4th sib has t say. Thank you again.

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