Looking for alternative name for HD's Mohawk Smartstrand carpet

juniorkAugust 13, 2011

Would love if anyone could help, esp the big carpet gurus here.

I'm sold on triexa aka smartstrand, mainly due to my research here in the flooring forums. I went to home depot today, and after flipping through their display, we settled on Mohawk's smartstrand Command Performance III, at 58.8 oz and 5.5x5.5 twist. It's a plush, i believe. Unfortunately, the price is $3.99/sf. With an $8lb moisture barrier pad, we're looking at $4.75-$5/sf, which is about what i'm paying for my solid brazilian cherry hardwood!

So is this as good as it gets for the smartstrand in this heavy weight? Since HD's names are different, i was wondering if anyone knew the comparable product name, so I can try to comparison shop. Any leads would be appreciated!

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I'd like to know also. I've yet to find a cream color I like. I keep seeing the smartstrand display with the triangles. Thai Silk looks pinky to me.

I guess I don't understand how this works because I see more colors on the website.

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Go to http://www.mohawkflooring.com and search their dealer locator for a Mohawk Color Center or Mohawk Floorscapes dealer close to you. These dealers should have the full assortment of Smartstrand carpets.

I have Mohawk Smartstrand carpet in my home and have been very pleased - installed about five years ago and looking great.

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I went to the locator yet the Floorscapes dealer I saw today didn't have everything I'm seeing on the Mohawk website. They just had the standard display (triangles) and one other type. I'm personally getting frustrated with this. And all the different names and some places carrying only a few, etc.

I'm looking for something similar to Thai Silk color on the big display board but less pinky, a bit whiter, more 'cream'. There's a deadness to these colors to me. But this is definitely more pinky vibe.

I saw a 'potential' at Home Depot but the board was lent out so I couldn't tell from the 1.5" wide swatch.

Does Home Depot have their own colors in Smartstrand? Is it hopeless to find the same color or type one sees at Home Depot at a real carpet store?

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Nope..same colors @ normally more on the display @ home Depot. Lowes has it also

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Hi Floortech, was hoping you'd respond!

I was looking on mohawk's website, and couldn't find Command Performance III as a style. i had read that you can find the corresponding match, but it won't be the same name, and you have to do some detective work. Would you happen to be able to find the name? :)
It makes it hard to comparison shop. I don't really want to buy from HD, since they have such mediocre customer service...

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ok, for anyone who's still interested, I ended up purchasing Mohawk's intelligent style, in the heavier weight. I even tried calling Mohawk, and the rep was very nice, but firmly said she couldn't help me. I finally spoke to an online retailer, and they said that according to her information, CP III would be intelligent style, so I just went with that. HTHs.

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