Cooking Cold Baked Ziti

agnesdMarch 19, 2010

I have prepared 2 Corningware deep dishes of baked ziti. Each has 1 lb ziti plus cheese, sauce etc. I have refrigerated it for tomorrow. How long and at what temp should I bake the Ziti. Should I leave it on the counter for a time before baking it? And I will have the 2 dishes in the oven at the same time. What would the internal temp read? Thanks a million!!!

PS Should it be covered?

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I would take them from the fridge to a 350 oven. Probably 35-45 minutes should do it. I usually watch for bubbles to form around the edge and then go another 15 minutes or so.


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I agree, I wouldn't let them set on the counter, I'd put them into a 350F oven (my girls call 350 the "universal temperature", it's what I bake at when I'm not sure, LOL).

I'd cover them for the first half an hour, uncover for the final 15 minutes, especially if there is a cheese topping that needs to be browned or set a bit.

Since everything is already cooked, I don't think internal temperature matters, other than it is hot all the way through, easily determined by sticking a knife in the middle and checking.


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Thanks. Sounds good. I haven't cooked it in years.

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Internal temp does should be 160 degrees in the center of the pan....much cooler than bubbling hot!
As Annie said you don't need to cook it just heat it....and to that end I would get it out of the refrig an hour before baking. That's not long enough for it to really warm up but enough to, as my mother said, "take the chill off". The problem with those big square dishes is the edges get dry before the middle gets really hot...I have served casseroles at church that were cool in the center....oops!!!!
good luck....sounds yummy...I might be jealous but I have a freezer full of lasagna!!
Linda c

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You might need to add some water or additional sauce before you bake. Pasta tends to soak the liquid out of the sauce when it sits for very long.

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