Has anyone had the crystal lens implants?

rthummerSeptember 20, 2006

I have had the crystal lens implants when I had cataract surgery. I wanted the best so I opted for the crystal lens to be implanted instead of the older kind that was always used. Also the optomologist said " I probably would not have to wear glasses anymore." I might have to have readers but a mild prescription. Well, this December it will be a year and my vision is worse than before I had my eye surgery. They kept telling me it would improve. It never did. I was using readers before +200. Now I use only +150 but the far away vision is completely gone!!!! My vision before was 40/20 right eye and left eye 30/20. Now, I cannot see a thing without my glasses. I am not sure what My vision is as one Crystal lens was to be for close up vision (which is o.k) but the far away lens for my vision is AWFUL. The first thing in the morning-on go my glasses and the last thing I do at night is to take them off. I am so disappointed. Should I ask him to do the implant over or can they even do that? This Dr. was recommended, but I have found out he does not communicate to me well. I am also afraid to go to another Dr. as he may not want to clean up another Dr.'s mess. This operation cost me 2,000 for each eye beyond what my insurance would pay as this was a new procedure and insurance would not pay for it. I feel took, and disappointed. Has anyone encountered this problem before? What should I do? Any advise???? I can say that the world is much brighter than when I had cataracts, but it alot more blurry. Am I asking for too much? What an expensive lesson!:-(

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Go back and tell him just what you have told us. Something may have gone wrong. At least, he should give you a reason why things are not going well. Sometimes the eye membrane that holds the lens in place gets cloudy. That's what happened in both my eyes. It happened very quickly. I could barely see out of either eye. It's easy to correct.

If you are uncomfortable with him, then see another one. Doctors are used to patients changing doctors because of a clash of personalities. Don't worry about that. Be honest and tell him why you are changing.

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I understand that after cataract surgery that your eyes will get cloudy. How long after surgery did that happen to you? My right eye was cloudy from day one. I understand that anytime you have cataract surgery you have to go in when your vision gets cloudy. This is not the same. My close up vision is somewhat improved. He told me the far away vision would get better. After 5 months he had to prescribe glasses. He told me he could fix the blurriness. The price was 1,500 dollars for the right eye (the one with the bad vision) I was not so sure of him so I told him no, that I would like to have glasses at this time and would make a later decision. He ask "you don't want 20/20 vision and not have to wear glasses?" I said nothing but what I would really would like to have said is "Hey, this sounds to me like a bait and switch! I thought you said I would have good vision after the crystal lens implants!" I just went away upset. I don't know what is going on. If I got this next procedure would he come back and say you need something else? I just don't get it. If he would have explained EVERYTHING in the beginning I would have understood. I tried to ask as many questions as I knew possible. So here I am........

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I don't know many people that have had cataract surgery, but the ones that I know, did not have any cloudiness. They always mention how wonderfully clear their vision was on the ride home from the hospital.

The crystal implants may not be a wonderful as you expected them to be. I think I would get another opinion. If you did, you would at least be more satisfied about what is going on. You owe it to yourself to be assured that everything is being done properly.

Now, about glasses. Whether or not you will need them will depend on why you needed them in the first place. Some people, expecially those that are far sighted or have problems with a focal point will still need them. Removing the cataracts helps only those problems cause by the thickness of the cataract shutting off sight.

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Yes, I have had Crystal Lens implants in both eyes for two years now because of cataracts with wonderful results. I have 20/20 far vision in both eyes and can see close up as well with some difficulty at times depending on how much moisture is in my eyes at the time and how bright the light. By blinking, I can get the near focus I want. I sometimes use "cheater" glasses to read more easily in low light.

Following the operation, I experienced no cloudiness, had good distance vision immediately, and only experience some eye tearing for a short time when I first go out into cold weather. My vision is both clear and bright.

The Crystal Lens, I am told by my doctor, appears to work by means of the eye muscles bending the lens to achieve closer vision focus. It appears to work best for near sighted people.

If the lens implant appears to get cloudy after a time, the cause is usually the eye trying to create another lens at the back of the lens sack. This happens in about 30 to 33% of the cases and can be easily corrected in minutes with a laser which burns a hole in the back of the lens sack.

Otherwise, if your operation did not fully succeed, it is my understanding that something can often be done. If shortly after the operation before the lens sack has closed, the lens might be able to be extracted. Otherwise a secondary, supplement lens can often be put into place to correct the focus of the first lens. This, of course, shouldn't be necessary if the first lens was put in correctly.

Since my doctor, Dr. Howard Fine in Eugene, Oregon, was in the trials for the Crystal Lens, invented the current operating procedure and surgery tools used for this operation, has had good results, and whose clinic has never had a patient acquire an infection from an operation, his clinic would probably be a good place to get more questions answered. You can find out more about him including his clinic address and telephone number on Google.

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HI there. I have a different question.... I have the Crystal lens in one eye and see marvelous out of it,(all ranges) and absolutely no glare. But the other eye had the 'Restor' Lens put in supposedly to help me see better at near ranges. But I did NOT have the good luck I did with the Crystal lens. The glare is absolutely horrible with night driving plus the vision isn't very good at all for 'all' ranges.

SO I'm scheduled for surgery to remove the 'Restor' lens and replace it also with a 'Crystal' Lens. I hear there's a greater risk of removing it because when those lenses are put in, they're curled up and then open inside the eye but to remove it is much more risky. Like a fish hook goes in easy one way but much harder to take it out. *OUCH*

Any thoughts? I'm hesitant of course but can't stand how I see out of the 'restor' lens... *sigh* and hope it's worth the risk. Surgery is scheduled for next week. YIKES.. it was done 4 months ago with hoping i might adjust but I definitely haven't. PLUS I do get burning and tearing up with any bright lights, (even looking out a window) and that is in both eyes. I've tried at least a dozen brands of eye drops with no help at all, some made the burning much worse.

Extremely frustrated here. Thanks for any thoughts.

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Had Crystal lens placed in both eyes. Two months ago.

Just barely passed a drivers test. One eye 20/20 the other 20/40.
Just picked upped my glasses for reading and distance.
When the distance was corrected for 20/40, caused blurry sight at the end of arm.
So now i am told to go back to the surgeon and get a script for trifocals!! That means buying another pair of glasses.

So much for you will be able to read "war and peace" without glasses or maybe light readers.
So, save yourself thousands and forget Crystal lens!!!

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Trollmom here again.

Well I had the "Restore' Lens taken out of the one eye and replaced with the Crystal Lens about 6 weeks ago... and NO MORE GLARE or Halos at all. (Thank goodness, that was horrible with the 'Restore' lens) So I've the Crystal lens now in both eyes. So for that alone it was worth it to switch.

But It's been a total of 6 months since the first eye surgery and I'm still suffering with dry eye syndrome(so they tell me) in both eyes which I never had before, with extreme burning and tearing and light sensitivity.

Drops & lubricants don't help and I've tried OTC and prescriptions, at least a dozen brands. The vision is so so and that is very disappointing as well (I saw much better with my old hard contact lenses that I wore for 50 years) I also got that clouding or haze in one eye (the first one) and so MORE surgery is required now for that in 3 weeks.

Apparently it's rather common and they use a laser to break that up...then they tell me I'll have 'floaters' that will eventually dissolve into my body. I just wish I could take both of these lenses out and give me back my Contact Lens.. *sigh* (and the $4000 I spent to upgrade)They say it's impossible that I need 'something' in there.??

My poor eyes are exhausted and I look it. I feel like a vampire when he sees the sun & runs and hides the way I have such photosensitivity as well. Just sooooo frustrated here when 99% of everyone I know has had such wonderful success.. *sigh*

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My husband had both eyes implanted with Crystal lens 4 years ago. He didn't have cataracts but was near blind. Wore very thick, heavy glasses. He says it was the best money he has every spent. To this day he doesn't wear reading glasses but HAS to wear sunglasses everytime he steps outside. Did you get things straightened out?

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Your husband was lucky... *smile* I'm happy he'd had a success with the Crystal lens.. NOT ME... it's now about 9 months since this saga first started and I'm STILL not seeing well (at all) like street signs or the TV.. the doc says I'm 'functional'?? HUH Jeesh I was more than that when this began!

I've got the Crystal lens in both eyes, and the burning has let up somewhat...and the huge glare with headlights or lamps, yet in the sun I still flinch BIG TIME.

I also had to have a pair of tri-focals made up and they drive me nuts... I hate them. I feel like a drunken sailor. LOL I drive, but I KNOW I shouldn't be. *sigh*

Next week I see the doctor 'again' (I think I've seen him 30 x's so far. and I'm going to ask for the 'hard' contact lenses again. (I've heard they can be used over these implants) To me? I'm back to square one, tearing, and out over $4000.... BAD BAD CHOICE I'll tell you. I wish I'd have gone with the standard lenses that Medicare pays for I'd have been a thousand times better off.

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One week ago I had cataract surgery & had the crystal lens implanted in my left eye. At post op visit next day, Dr. stated that I had severe scratching on my cornea, which should heal in a week. Also had extreme blurriness--not sure if that's connected with the corneal damage or from the lens implant. The blurriness was so bad I could barely make out the E on the eye chart. The blurriness has subsided somewhat, but my vision is horrible. Today I drove and couldn't read any road signs till I was on top of them; fortunately I was in familiar territory. My vision is now worse than before the surgery. I'm calling my Dr tomorrow to follow up, but based on this posting, I'm not too optimistic. It still feels like there's a burr in my eye, lots of blurriness and some pain. Seems like a lot of money to spend to get less vision than previously. I'm trying to remain upbeat that this will all work itself out, espec. since everyone I know who've had the surgery, had great results. I am not happy to be in this select group-less than 1%-of non-successes!!

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I had my right eye done about 8 weeks ago, I can not read, and was told Im farsighted and now have a stigma, which I did not have before. But the Dr assured me he could correct it with a lazer after three months. I keep hoping I could see . How long does it take? I'm disappointed, so far.

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Im 25 years old and i have catarats, stigmatism, and something else that i dont know the name for, my vision is bad, but its not the worse, im considering Crystal Lenses, after reading all this posts im affraid to do it right now, debating wether or not to do it. Im schedule for the 22 of march wondering if i still do it and pay $5,000 on top of my insurance.

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I had crystal lens implants, after caterack surgery about one and a half years ago. My vision was great until 2 months after surgery, the doctor convinced I needed Yag Surgery, which I allowed, and was the worst thing I ever did. My vision is terrible now - I have about 50 floaters, and a floating skim/fog over my eyes at all times. Before the Yag surgery, I could read road signes so, so perfectly, however, now, I can't see any road signs unless I'm right up on them. The doctor gets irritated when I try to explain to him the problems I am having. He says he has never heard of such symptoms. I trusted the doctor. However, I then find out he made about $8,000 off the insurance company for the additional Yag Surgery - be ware, some doctors are all about money and don't give a rat's B what the patient deals with in the aftermath. I now have an appointment for a second opinion, however, in the town of Dallas, all doctors support one another and I'm not expecting to get much help with the 2nd opinion. I'm thinking of going out of state to talk with another doctor, if the 2nd one doesn't help.

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I had the "reStor" implants done ( both eyes ) paid out the behind for them & I have had trouble with my vision ever since . What was suppose to FIX , nearsightedness , farsightedness & an astigmatism has really fallen short of the mark . I can see far but that is all . I still must wear glasses to read & do up close work , still have the shadows & halos . At night the light from the cars is really bad . I had to take out a loan for this & if you are considering this surgery save your time , money for something else. This lens is exaggerated in its ability to do what it claims to do ! I wish I could get my money back . Perhaps filing a medical malpractice lawsuit would help to keep these drs from "selling the bait & switch" to others .

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I had lasik done in 2003. My left eye was bad and I thought the lasik failed me, but no, I had cataracts in both eyes. I had the Crystalense put in my left eye april 7/2011, I still need to have my right eye done. My left eye that I had the lense put in is good for upclose work (like on the computer) but driving is blurry, I see far distances better with my right eye. What should I do, should I have the standard lense put in my right eye for distances or do I put the Crystalense in the right eye also and hope it turns out ok.

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I had the surgery on both eyes four years ago and it was a big waste of money ($4,470 above insurance payments). Afterward, far vision was fair but near vision required the continued use or reading glasses. About a year ago, I obtained a set of prescription glasses and eleminated the task of keeping track of readers. My surgeon was Dr William Mitchell of Huntsville, AL.

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I had the crystal lens put in my left eye two weeks ago and can see maybe a little better than before the surgery. Will it get better if i get my right eye (predominant eye)done? So far it is not worth $4,000.00. I am afraid it will not be worth another $4,000.00 dollars to see if it will help the other eye.

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Worst mistake I ever did,talked into cystal lens. The cost $3,700 each eye,plus insurance. My eyes are always dry, soreness,need glasses. Life is one big blurrrrrrrrr. Thanks yo Dr. Labor, he should tell the truth, the lens he makes big money off of. Wish, I could see . So if your thinking of seeing a Dr Labor in Grapevice TX.. you might want to think and investagate. No fun going through hell with him. He tell me to keep coming back in six weeks,get another doctor to give opinion,wich I did. He does not seem to gave a damn. I'm thinking ABOUT SEEING AN ATTORNEY!

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Be very careful that you are a candidate for this procedure. My doctor never checked the size my pupils grow to at night. As a result my pupils enlarge to greater than the size of the lens themselves, creating strarbursts and light reflections. Creating an unsatisfactory and dangerous result for me at night. Hence the FAA revoked my medical certificate for my pilots license and my career for a major airline has ended. Been to several doctors and all say it is more dangerous to remove them than to live with the results. But am still hoping for a solution.

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Beware of the crystal lens My wife had the operation could see at a distance with no problem.Now she has to have glasses to see far away. Has to have glasses to drive, and even in church, but can read without the glasses.I feel that it is a rip off when we could have gotten the regular lenses and the insurance would have paid for the entire operation. Don't Let the DR. sell you a bill of goods for his benefit. See at least two DRs check it out

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I had the crystal lens surgery a week ago on Tuesday. I was having a hard time seeing until Fri. and Sat. On Sunday I noticed I wasn't seeing as well, perception and equilibrium was off. Saw doctor on Monday all he did was show me I could see out of the crytal lens eye better than I could see out of the other eye without my glasses on, duh. He wants to do surgery on other eye but I'm scared to have it done now. I don't plan on paying another $1850 for the other eye when this one isn't fixed. Has anybody had the crystal lens removed, if so, how bad was the surgery and recovery. Can you now see without glasses and what did you replace the crystal lens with?

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I had Crystal Lens implants almost 3 years ago and it has been a nightmare ever since. Fist the lenses DO NOT perform as advertised, second the manufacturers do not educated the doctors enough, and third - the percentage of 'SUCCESSFUL" implants seems to be low.

Since my implants I have had a detached retina TWICE in my left eye, spent over a year with an oil bubble in my left eye making vision from it impossible, and had to get by on only my right eye which is not as good as it was before the implants.

Has anyone on this forum consulted an attorney to see how many lawsuits have been filed againt the manufacturer of the Crystal Lenses? I you are so inclined, feel free to email me because I am about to find out just how many people have be victims of this company. Anyone interested in a "class action" lawsuit?

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I had the crystal lenses implanted Aug/Sept 2010. At the time I couldn't see out of the left eye and the right was getting dark. When I think of that time my vision is improved, but I am frustrated with what was promised and what is reality. My right eye that could see perfectly for a while only sees blurry now. Optometrist attitude was I was lucky to have one eye. Three different levels of reading glasses and three different levels of darkness of sunglasses. Much better than being blind, but not the "miracle cure" that was promised.

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Hi, I like many of you had the Crystal Lens implanted back in September 2011. I have had nothing but vision problems. Many of which you guys mention. I really think we were sold on a bill of goods!!! I am 48 and unfortunately have cataracts at a young age. Was told by the surgeon this would be the best thing for me. Maybe I rushed into this but was very excited to get this done. Anyway, I am sending out and email to many of you to see who is interested in at least building a case for this product. I have never never never sued anyone in my life but this is my eye and I am extremely frustrated at this point. My email is jeffreystanek@verizon.net. Feel free to email me. Some of you do not have emails listed and others do. I am emailing those that do have emails listed.
thanks and good luck!!!

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I had two crystal lens implants, first one in May 2011 and the second July 2011. I was told that there was a good possiblility I would not have to wear glasses again and the worst case scenario would be reading glasses which I felt I could live with. After the first surgery the results were the complete opposite...close up vision great but distance left a lot to be desired. I was told that with a little tweaking on the second lens it could be corrected. So now after the second surgery I have good close vision and the distance is not as good as I expected but I am not wearing glasses. The kicker is after all that I now have this constant film, shadow?? that drifts across my eyes 24/7. I asked the doctor about it and he said "the good news is there's nothing to worry about but the bad news is there is nothing that could be done about it". Being very upset I sought out a second opinion - this doctor claims to have done 100s of crystal lens implants. I went through every single test again and even saw a retina doctor only to find there was nothing wrong. The second doctor told me he could do lasik surgery for another 5000 and that would take care of getting back 20/20 vision. I then asked what about the film or cloud because that's what really bothering me and I was told that would not change. Needless to say I was not spending another dime but am living with the after affect which I was told had nothing to do with the crystal implants but was a different problem. You better believe I wouldn't recommend this surgery to anyone.

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I as all of you want to pull these two lens out of my eyes. I am 52 and had cataracts. I have very bad vision all of my life so when I knew I had to have surgery I went to the surgeron with a good reputation. We discussed that while there he could implant these crystal lens and though he couldn't guarantee perfect vision (maybe readers) it would be beneficial. Sooo while my older friends had the normal cataract surgery and are happy... myself who splent 5,000. dollars more out of my own pocket hate it. My eyes are constantly throbbing and like sandpaper they are so dry. I cannot drive at night due to the glare and light refracting into my eye and almost blinding me. I guess the halos? I used to be able to put my makeup on and tweeze my own eyebrows... no longer.... I have lost my close vision. Granted when I saw the distance for the first time since fourth grade I was thrilled. But I had worn contacts all my life and until I needed bifocals for a bit I was quite happy that way. I see him every other month and he just says the surgery was perfect and I have never seen better in my life. I can no longer do dishes or laundry without glasses, even seeing my dinner plate. The glasses are on then off, on and then off... I wish I never did this. I told him I wanted them out and he said now now... you don't want this. I have to put drops in my eyes every five minutes it seems. I am no better off. I want to see another doctor but not sure who to go to. Reading these posts at least made me feel I was not crazy. I saw myself in most of the posts also. Today he also said something about if the clouding comes he may have to go in and laser it..... really... I WANT THEM OUT!!!

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I had crystaline lens in both eyes to eliminate glasses
I have had tearing (Dry eyes ) Cloudiness etc. My husband had regular lens and has no problems plus 4500 -5000 dollars less cost. I have had aggravation since this surgury also many revisits to doctor and different drops etc. Am at wits end. Maybe someday will have to remove and install regular? probably at my expense
I personally Recommend regular lens and wear reading glasses for cateracts surgury option.

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Please contact me via email if you are very frustrated with your Crystalens Implants. I had my left eye done in September of 2011 and have had nothing but problems. I have now collected 10 names and have contacted a lawyer out of Pittsburgh PA. He is pursuing the case. PLEASE contact me via email at 'jeffreystanek@verizon.net.' There are a few of you that I have contact info on but not all. I am trying to get the most people possible to pursue this case. thanks and Good Luck.

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So I read all these posts and now I'm afraid! I have a bad cataract in my right eye and can't see a thing. Now my left eye is about half gone. 3 or 4 years now and things are really getting bad. But finally my medi-care kicks in on August 1st. I have researched it and thought I had picked out the doctor and it's just a matter of what insurance is the best for this. But today I'm not sure if I want the Cystal Lens or even the doctor I picked out. He had one bad review. I have a fear of doctors in the first place! I can't afford these anyway and if it's just a waste the why do I even want them. I have friends who are happy with the operation but now I think they just had the standard lens. I'm scared! What should I do?

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Don't get Crystalens, don;t get Restor, don't get monovision. Just get standard lenses and use readers. They have proved themselves successful a million times. The other lenses just make the doctor rich. If you can wait until you have Medicare, the surgery will be covered.

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Has anyone had their crystal lens removed? I would like to get mine removed because I am having the same problems that others on this site seems to be having. My opthomologist is doing some research because a crystal lens must be cut out. If anyone has had their lens changed I'd like to know the result.

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I hate to say it, but sounds like the doctor who did this person's surgery did not understand what he was doing. The whole idea about Crystal lens and the other artificial lenses is that they are soft and pliable like your lenses were as a child. As we age, the lenses become harder and harder so your eye muscles can no longer squeeze and/or stretch them to change your focus from near to far. I have NEVER EVER heard of putting "mono-vision" lenses into a person's eyes. It sounds like this doctor thought of them as if he was installing "permanent Contacts" or "interior Glasses" because that is how they prescribe either of those for seniors one eye for close, one eye for distance. You might like this man, but he needs to be stopped and stopped now. In many states any doctor can perform any surgery legally. If your podiatrist decides he wants to try brain surgery the hospital might stop him but no law will. SERIOUSLY, go to someone who has done thousands of these lens implants and ask them if they ever heard of monovision and they should tell you what I just did. Don't ignore this posting. It's important that others be protected at least by your misfortune.

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