How to prolong life of engineered wood floors

Tsu.KatieAugust 25, 2011

I just purchased a house in which the previous owner installed Casitablanca Brackish Spanish Hickory engineered flooring last November.

The wood veneer part of the wood is very thin and they seem to dent and scratch very easily. Since moving in, we have uncovered quite a few gouges that had been covered in wax crayons. I also notice that there are quite a few places in the beveling and deep "handscraping" that don't have finish on them (I kind of assume they arrived that way). However, a stain pen covers up the gouges and lack of stain really well. Even though I probably would have chosen a different flooring, I think that they look nice and I would like to keep them that way. We have two young kids (1 yr and 4 yr) and I will always wear shoes in the house because it hurts my feet not to wear shoes.

My questions:

1. Can I have a company come out and put a harder finish on top of them?

2. How do I handle scuffs from toys? A lot of the kids painted wood toys transferred paint on to the flooring when they ran them across the flooring. It does not rub off with my fingers.

3. The seller told us to use Swiffer hardwood cleaner. Some things on the internet seem to indicate that is a bad idea.


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Put down some rugs.

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