Myasthenis Gravis anyone?

ruthannAugust 3, 2013

I did a search and nothing came up. I'm surprised. I may have it. The neuro-opthalmologist says the symptoms say yes, the tests say no. Now, I also have cancer and chemo, so he says to 'wait and see'. Both eyes have double vision on the sides. Is anyone familiar with this? Very frustrating. Ruth Ann

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Do you by any chance take meds for chloresteral? They can cripple you. That happened to my neighbor and by the time he found another doctor it was to late to regain muscle strength.

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My mother has been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis for 29 years (she's now 66) and I remember it being a 3 year ordeal for her before she was correctly diagnosed! Grrr!!! Her earliest symptoms were extreme fatigue from normal activities, chronic shortness of breath and muscle weakness from normal exertion, double vision, etc. I don't know if this disease is still as misdiagnosed as it was back then, but you may want to find a neuro who specializes in myasthenia - I know from my mom's case that the correct diagnosis and treatment is crucial for long-term prognosis. The very best of luck to you - my mom's proof that this can be a manageable disease that still allows a high quality of life, and I hope your case will be proof of that too! Many hugs!

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