Severe anemia

evatxAugust 7, 2011

I've been telling my dr. all summer that I think I'm anemic cause I'm so exhausted all the time and am dizzy a lot of the time. Finally took blood tests that showed hemoglobin of 7, said I'm severly anemic.

I've had colonscopy and endoscopy + tests for celiac and nothing was found to be responsible for the "unexplained, undetected bleeding" doctors were looking for.

Dr. put me on over the counter ferrous sulfate iron tablets + vitamin C. I go back to the gastroenlogist next week to have the capsule camera test which looks into the small intestine. Then see a hemotologist to get iron infusions.

This amenia has been debilitating! Have any of you gone through this or these procedures? I'm hoping for good results, particularly from the iron infusions. I'd appreciate any experiences or info you can share. Thanks in advance.

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I haven't gone through any of this but I do know that a hemoglobin of 7 is pretty severe. No wonder you haven't been feeling well. I hope they figure this out for you quickly and that you recover quickly.

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Next door neighbor girl's mom was alerted by a teacher that her daughter was falling asleep, very pale, seemed to be weak, she thought the girl should see a Dr. Prenicious anemia was what it was & she had to have shots for years, she went on to marry & have 2 kids & looks good now about 30 yrs later. She was about 8 when it was discovered. There are several kinds of anemia so that is 1st step for them to determine which kind it is. My DD has a mild form & she will take pills for awhile &then be OK & then get feeling run-down but some kinds are serious & require continuous treatment & then you will feel a lot better.

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I hate to say this, but I think you need to change doctors. Any doctor that doesn't do blood work when he/she has a patient that complains of feeling weak, etc. doesn't have a good idea of how the body works.

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My sister in law had a doctor that dismissed the problem, I think a lot of women patients complain needlessly and doctors don't listen. She almost died and they never found a reason. She may have been taking to many aspirins she had done that before.

My husband was taking meds for his AZ and when I told the doctor he was complaining of stomach discomfort, he just shrugged his shoulders. He had a stroke like event, I took him to the ER. There was blood in his urine, then in his stool and his blood count was down to 6 before they finally caught it. I kept telling them, the doc in ER found an infection, it wasn't on the papers, but one very nice nurse look on the PC and found it.

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Does anyone else crave ice with anemia? I have a lot of the symptoms listed above plus an intense craving for ice.

Is this normal?

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My anemia level right now is at 2. Be careful if your doctor says that your "stores" are normal because that could be a false reading. I'm taking an iron pill each day with pineapple juice.

My doctors aren't concerned with my low iron and say that my fatigue is from being sick. I have been very sick or the past 5 weeks with a "mystery" diagnosis - probably auto immune. I had been in the hospital over 2 weeks but they are doing more biopsies out patient.

I am going for a bone marrow biopsy on Monday and that will help the doctors try to figure out the cause of my anemia, among other things, which I'm assuming is chronic (a lifetime condition).

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Think of gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance prevented you from absorbing the minerals you need. Anemia was rare when they cooked in iron cook ware and now most cook ware is aluminium. Natural way to get iron is take a couple pieces of iron and put it in the food when cooking and remove after especially when it is acid.

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Our doctor wouldn't even let my husband out of his hospital bed until his blood count went up, it was down to 6. He said he could stroke at any time and needed to be in bed.

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Dr Joel Wallach had to sue the FDA to be able to say that omega 3 fatty acids will stop blood clots. Blood clots in the brain are called a stroke. Blood clots in the heart can be a heart attack.

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The reasons you could be anemic is vitamin deficiency,iron deficiency, wound bleeding or hypothyroidism.

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I dealt with anemia for years. I gave up gluten two years ago and now I'm good. My 12 year old son also got diagnosed last year with anemia, I pulled him off gluten too and the problem has resolved itself over the past year (along with a host of other issues). Neither of us have been diagnosed with Celiac.

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cookie8 You are the smartest person around. Gluten is one of those ailments that there is no test for but 60%+ people are gluten intolerance and don't know it.
When you are gluten intolerance the ability to absorb minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids but you can absorb calories and sugar.

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