Routine heating system service questions.

albert_135January 26, 2014

Purchased an old house with old gas central heating. [No A/C. Businesses around here, Carson City, NV, have A/C. Most of these older homes have evaporative cooling.]

How does one select a provider of service knowing little about the area?

Is any time of year more economical than others or is a service charge pretty much the same year around?

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Your questions are good ones that are asked ever day but answers are evasive. I will only suggest you have 2 or more CO detectors.

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In my area of the Country - MD suburbs of DC - we really do have four season weather. The repair companies try to steer you to scheduling during lower periods of repair activity.

NOT during the dead of winter when emergency furnace/HP service calls are more in demand and NOT during the hot humid summer season when demands for A?C are higher.

I usually get my (oil) furnace checked out April-May of each year. It's not so clear cut for cooling system checks - and I see you don't have A/C - but it is my understanding that to do a thorough A/C check you're better off with having the check performed when there is some warm weather so as to allow more meaningful pressure measurements. (Someone may weigh in and correct that, if needed.)

I'd be more concerned in quality of service and also by hiring a given outfit to service your burner you may want to let them know that you will be calling them with any service needs in the future and are they available 24/7, etc, etc.

One last thing, it is sometimes cheaper IN MY AREA to sign up for a service plan that includes a "free" furnace and HP service.

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Service charge will probably be found to be the same year-round. In case a problem is going to be found, I would have it checked about 30 days or so before it may be needed so it would be repaired before cold weather arrives.
As to who, checking with local acquaintances for referrals may be best.

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