Do you know what causes Eye Floaters

nemoAugust 26, 2006

Mine are floating bits of knotted black blurry cotton.

I only had them when I lied down. Now they are in my vision all the time.

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Supposedly if they worsen all of a sudden, you're supposed to take it very seriously. I've had them most of my life. They're a pain. They are just debris floating around in your eye. I don't know if some of us are just more aware of them, or if some people never get them.
I've heard about all you can hope for is that the strands of the debris get big enough to sink to the bottom of your eye, and out of your vision.

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Boy, do I wish I knew what causes them! I am still dealing with my first 2 floaters after over 6 weeks. I have been doing research on the Internet and have learned that in some cases they go away, eventually, but in other cases, they remain for life.

I have learned that there are 2 eye doctors in the US who claim to treat floaters successfully with lasers. Both have websites; one is in Florida, the other in McLean, VA.

I notice my floater now more when I am in bright sunlight or when using the computer (white screen). When I go into a dark room, the floater changes into a flash of light.

You should be checked by an eye doctor to make certain you do not have a retinal tear or a retinal detachment, as floaters and flashes can be a warning sign....

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"I have learned that there are 2 eye doctors in the US who claim to treat floaters successfully with lasers. Both have websites; one is in Florida, the other in McLean, VA."

I am in VA and have severe problems with floaters - to the point that I cannot read road signs and have difficulty reading. I'd be a surgical candidate were it not for extreme dry eye due to Sjogren's Syndrome - now, I'm too high risk for surgery. I was prescribed Restasis (and it was presented as a "cure", which it isn't, and was not told that it is only effective on 15% of people).

I'd be most interested in learning the name of the doctor in McLean, VA.

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Claudia, try goint to The name of a doctor who does this treatment should come up. Good luck.

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Woodnymph - have you been in touch with this doctor? I sent an email to him, which he answered today, saying that since I
have a posterior vitreous detachment I would be a good
candidate, possibly, and that dry eyes were not a contraindication for the laser procedure. I still am hesitant, primarily because I don't find much information available about this, other than what is on this doc's site and the website of the doc in Florida who appears to take the same approach. Testimonials are a dime a dozen for anything - I'd feel a lot better if I could find someone who had experienced the procedure, or who had at least researched it thoroughly. Someone who didn't write a testimonial, but who would be willing to tell the truth about their experience. If anyone has had any experience with this, I would give just about anything to hear about it. Thanks -

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Claudia, I am in exactly the same situation as you. I agree with everything you wrote above. If this is so curative, why aren't more eye doctors performing this procedure? And how much risk is attached to the procedure? What if one goes through with it and yet another floater comes, larger than the first? To spend that much $ again??? Like you, I would prefer to find a person who had actually been through the procedure to talk to in person. Reading testimonials on the web site did not convince me. But then, I tend to be skeptical in medical matters.

Do let me know if you find out anything more. My floater is large and has been there over 2 months now. It is in my one good eye, so really bothers me when I drive, read, and use the computer.

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I'm a spanish sufferer of eye floaters since last year. I've created this blog to talk about living with floaters, and to understand the real importance of this. It isn't a place to complain but a hiding place to think and understand the vision. Take a look:

Here is a link that might be useful: El vuelo de las moscas cojoneras

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How about translating this blog on floaters into English for the rest of us???

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I have not have the laser surgery to eliminate floaters, but I have a feeling it might work. I had 4 floaters that floated across my field of vision for almost 30 years. Last April I was told I needed laser surgery to release pressure in my eyeballs, due to a narrow angle that made it difficult for proper interior drainage. I don't have glaucoma, but this procedure was recommended to prevent glaucoma from developing. The surgeon shot each eyeball at least 6 times with a laser to create microscopic holes to release pressure. I noticed immediately after the surgery that my biggest floater had suddenly disappeared! Although I still have the smaller 3 floaters, the most annoying one vanished and has not returned. So I'm thinking when he was zapping out holes with the laser, he hit it and it disintegrated, or it was at least propelled right out of my field of vision. Obviously I can't vouch for the actual floater surgery, but I can testify that my worst one totally disappeared after being 'zapped' just coincidentally for a completely different reason!

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nemo, there is a Dr. in Iowa that performs the surgery to rid the eye of floaters. We were just discussing this a couple of days ago. A friend, whose husband was really bothered by a large floater, commented to the surgeon that did his cataract surgery, " if you can get rid of cataracts, I don't know why someone doesn't come up with a solution to get rid of floaters." His Dr. told him that he didn't do the surgery because he only does cataract surgery, but recommended another Dr. in the same clinic. They did the surgery and the floater is gone. Maybe there's more doing the surgery than we think. Check with your Dr. about this. Good luck. BT

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Not sure what causes floaters and I even worked for a Optometrist...I do remember, even the doctor had them...He had been playing tennis and was hit on the side of his head with a ball and developed the floaters...I do think he said, it is pieces that break off but now sure from where or what...I'm really not much help, just know they are very annoying....

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There is no known cause, except that they come with aging, as well as with possible trauma to the head, sometimes. I am learning to live with mine. My eye doctor told me that in most people, they tend to fade out, over time, and are thus less worrisome. I would not even consider surgery, at this point in time --- too risky.

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Please look here:
It's about surgery. It may help you. I got one floater a week ago. I am 46. Doctor told me, it's because of aging. After reading blogs I found out that young people (18-26) also have this problem.

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My eye doctor told me to watch for snow flurries bits of stuff floating around. Not just one or two but lots of them. My sis had a detached retina and she said it felt like bugs in her eye. She didn't value her eye site like I do, she put off seeing a doctor until her son made her go. She is lucky she didn't lose her vision.

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Im 18 years old and ive had floaters for about 10 years now, they are always there i can see them whenever i want i have the squigly lines, the dark shadows, the dark dots, the white dots, also when i squint i cant see almost like a curtain image with lines that changes forms and after i look at them long enough i get blurred vision, ive never had flashes but i have a lot floaters, more in my left eye than my right but i still seem to have good periphiral vision. Im extremely worried about this as im going to college on a full scholorship for football and i need my eyes, anyone with help please let me know or personally e-mail me at, thank you

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I think that most eye floaters are just a matter of extended perception. The more you look at them the more of them you will see. If you hate them you will reinforce them in your field of vision. Contrary to the usual belief, the people experiencing eye floaters have very good peripheral vision. Even people which practice the third eye(which is nothing more than the practicing of the peripheral vision) experience the the benign type of eye floaters. You can refer to these books: 1)Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness 2) Loving Eye Floaters ebook 3) Luminous Heart of Inner Radiance: Drawings of the Togal Visions

Here is a link that might be useful: Loving Eye Floaters

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I have had floaters/detached vitreous most of my adult life. I have not had anything done, my doctor never suggested it. They don't hurt anything, all of my floaters eventually go to the side and don't bother me. I never see any floaters and would never have surgery for the problem. The risk is to serious.

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