Knee Injury?

booboo60August 22, 2007


I read the post "knees bad again" but it really doesn't apply to my case. I am a 54 yr. old female, of good health, in fact that is how I had this injury....I was walking!!!! Yes, not sprinting or turning or uphill or downhill, I was just walking and my left knee started 'bothering' me. It wasn't so sore that I quit walking so I kept it up for about a week; maybe 2 1/2 miles a day. It hurt behind my knee and then we had some bad weather so I quit walking and the pain did not go away. I went to see an orthopedic Dr. a couple of weeks ago and he thought it was my gastricnemus(sp.?) muscle and prescribed physical therapy. I have been going about 5 times now and have been doing my exercises. Now, I am totally pain free behind my knee(where the pain originated) but the inside of my knee is really painful now! It kind of feels like a big bruise. If I take ibuprophen, put my leg up, ice it now and then it is not too bad but I am getting really has been since the first week of July that this all started happening!!! I can walk but not without pain....what do you all think is wrong with me????? Thanks for any and all advice!!!

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Hi twotogo,
Wow.....I have the exact same symptoms, except for some reason, both legs ache horribly 24/7.
Did your doc do an MRI to see if you had a torn meniscus? Apparently, when it gets torn, it can remain unstable and cause problems.
What kind of exercises are you doing? I'm a firm believer in the right exercises making a big difference.
Do you have full range of motion (bending and flexing) on that knee?
Also....sometimes feet out of balance can really cause knee problems. I know people who have had orthotics made and it got rid of their knee pain.
Did you go to a sports medicine doctor? They seem to deal with knees the best.

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The dr. has not ordered a MRI yet but I expect that next after all the PT. Most of my exercises are for stretching my calf muscle, heel raises, hip/knee strengthening, etc. I do have full range of motion, my knee does not "catch" like a torn meniscus, however, going up and down stairs is painful. I had to do some stairs the other day(going up) and it really hurt on the inside, right side of my knee. I know what you mean about the feet; the PT told me I "pronate" when I walk so I went out and bought $100 walking shoes that were fitted to me just for the "pronating". I have worn them a few times but I don't notice any difference. Thanks for your comments; I think I just have to be patient which I am not very good at :)

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Hi twotogo,
I also pronate. Unfortunately, the clinic ordered me some custom orthotics and when I got them, they hurt my knees soooo much. They made the orthotics to make me have perfect feet, and they didn't work because I don't have perfect knees too. What a waste of money. Do you have orthotics or just new shoes?
If your shoes/orthotics don't hurt your legs, I would keep wearing them. it may take awhile for them to help you.
Here's the exercises they gave me to strengthen my knee:
1)Sit on side of bed and lift leg with 5-10# weights on them. Do about 15, several times a day.

  1. Sit on floor with legs outstretched and lift one leg at a time, holding for about 10 seconds. Do this about 10 times several times a day. (I sit in a chair with my leg on a coffee table). There's no getting down on the floor for me!
    There were others, but these seemed to strengthen me the most.
    Another important thing I learned was to try to never limp. It can really throw other parts of you out of whack.
    Does it help with the pain, if you walk slowly ....heal-toe, heal-toe? That helped me.
    I always thought pain was a signal that something was wrong, but according to my doc and physical therapist, it doesn't always mean that. And you have to work through it.
    When I was recovering from my knee surgery last year, I was having a heck of a time. I would get a horrible pain in my knee with each step. I finally realized that I wasn't walking right. I slowed down, started each step on my heel and followed through, and the pain disappeared almost immediately!
    Sorry for rambling. I hope you can get some relief. Its good that you are strengthening your knees now, in case you do have will be ahead of the game afterwards. Good luck!
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I would ask your PT what he/she thinks about your new pain.
A friend of mine had a similar type problem a few years ago.
All she was doing was walking across the parking lot to her car from the grocery store when it started.

The ortho doc said the same thing and sent her to PT. The PT was uncomfortable with the diagnosis, but did start her with a few exercises. The knee developed the same kind of pain you had and she called the ortho doc while my friend was there and told the doc that the physical symptoms that my friend had to start with where more in line with a torn meniscus and that the new pain was far more confirming. She also told him that she and the othe PT in the facility refused to do any further PT with my friend and told her to stop doing the exercises she was doing because if they where right, the exercises where making her knee worse.

The doc sent her for and emergency MRI that night and the PT was right. She found herself another ortho doc right away and had the meniscus repaired.

Check with your PT and if needed have the PT call the doc. If they don't or won't, call the doc yourself and talk to him/her right away.

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I will be seeing her next Tues. and she may have already called my Dr. as this was happening last week. She felt then that I may need a MRI. I have been pretty careful the last few days and it does feel better. I hope what you say is not my case :( Thanks for the heads up! I will ask the PT what I should do.

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One thing I learned was that you don't have to have an acute injury that causes the tear. It can be the roughness of arthritis that wears away the meniscus.
twotogo, does just your knee hurt? I started out with just my knee hurting, and now its both legs from hips to toes, but I have fibromyalgia......and I think the bad knee has caused spasms everywhere.
Good luck to you.

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Yes, it is just my knee and very localized. It hurts on the side(inside) of my left knee. That is awful that your legs hurt too! I really think I am improving, I can't wait to see my PT on Tues. to see what she thinks. By then I will be about half way through my sessions. Good luck to you, too.

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