Raynaud's Syndrome or Disease

aniceeAugust 24, 2006

For the last 3 years I have been suffering from Raynaud and was wondering if eventually it might go away or will I have it forever. Could not find the answer on the net. For those of you who have it what do you do to ease the discomfort and pain when you have an attack.



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It's permanent.

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The number one thing to do to combat Raynaud's is to stay warm - both your extremities and your core. Prevention is better than trying to treat it. I keep a pair of unlined leather gloves in my purse or pocket at all times, except in the summer, and put them on if I'm even slightly cold.

My Raynaud's is mostly in my fingers and wrists. (My doctor cheerfully assures me that it will eventually travel to my toes.:) The best thing for me is to swing the arms back and forth. This forces blood into the fingertips and warms my hands much quicker than anything else. I also spend a lot of time with my hands between my thighs, which probably looks odd but works well.

Good luck. I know Raynaud's isn't serious, but it sure hurts!

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Raynaud's, if it becomes advanced, can be serious. However, not all cases reach that point. I started with it in my toes about 20 years ago. It was in my fingers, too, but to a lesser degree. Then a few years ago it got a lot worse in both areas.

In winter I use disposable foot warmers every day. I buy them in bulk on eBay or on sale at Walmart. My hands are harder to deal with, and for the past two winters I had so much damage on my fingers that I lost some fingernails. Last year open sores developed, and that was frightening.

I've learned to peel cold vegetables under warm running water, and use microwaveable warming pads extensively, keeping one on my lap to warm my hands at the computer, for instance.

This year I'd like to relearn some biofeedback techniques I studies a long time ago, hoping they will help.

Good luck!


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Do you have a link that could illustrate the products you're talking about? I'd appreciate it.

And I didn't mean to be flippant - I do know that Raynaud's can become serious.

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Hi Joanne - Not to worry. :-)

Here's a link to an eBay auction for one of the types of foot warmers I use. Except I buy them 40 pair at a time to save money.

My microwavable heating pads come from Walmart. They're around $7 to $10, depending on the size. Until I started using an electric mattress pad last winter, I always had one in the bed at night to warm my feet. They're filled with a gel, and hold the heat pretty well.

Hope these help. I'm not looking forward to this aspect of winter.


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You can make your own microwave heating pads for your hands using a tube sock and regular rice.
I use them all the time. Just fill a tube sock about 1/2 to 2/3 full, depending on the size of the sock, with the cheapest store brand rice you can find. Just be sure you don't use instant rice. Tie a knot in the end of the sock and presto done. Microwave for about 1 minute, longer if you want the sock hotter and you have what you need. I use it for my back all the time, just wrap in a hand towel and it stays hot for quite some time.

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You can also fill those tube socks with popcorn which is less likely to leak out than rice. Down side is that it makes those socks more attractive to, umm, critters.

anicee -- I have had secondary Raynaud's for over five years. I think it is better, but maybe it is warmer (global warming) or I am more consistently prepared with gloves and socks so less likely to have attacks. I no longer care if I look completely dorky, so when I recently unexpectedly found myself spending hours in a chilly ER with my mom (she was the patient), I asked the staff for bandage tubes or something I could use to keep my feet warm, explaining that I have Raynaud's. They gave me slipper socks.

Thankfully, the Raynaud's in my toes and fingers has never caused me pain or discomfort, but I monitor my fingers constantly and nearly always wear socks and dress more warmly than I would have pre-Raynaud's.

I just hope I never get Raynaud's in my NOSE!!!

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Thanks for the link, Susan. I'm going to try some for the winter, for shoveling snow.

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You must cure the source to be rid of it. The source is cold. Move to a warmer climate, you live in Canada, go south. In the meantime, don't be shoveling any snow or putting yourself in any position where you even might get cold. If it does happen, it can lead to very serious problems, even amputation, get warm immediately. Warm whatever extremity is affected immediately and as quickly as possible to lessen the damage to tissue. Your climate in Canada predisposes the body to other serious and life threatening diseases. Raynaud's is just a minor disease in comparison to ALS, for example. Move.

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I have had Raynauds since I was little, and it's slowly been getting worse each winter. I noticed that the technical definition of the disease is that basically your nerves overreact to changes in temperature. I notice mine kicked up even when I changed my clothes... in my warm house. So I thought, how could I calm those nerves? I take my fingernail and slowly run it over my finger tips. Kind of like I am tickling them. But in a really relaxing way. Or if I'm driving I run my fingertips over my jeans really gently so it feels relaxing (no massaging, this does not help). Within minutes my blood-flow is coming back. This won't work if you are still in a cold situation, but once you get back into your house or car it almost always works. My mothers toes always went white when the got into the bath water. She tried this the other night and it worked really well, almost instantly. It's worth a shot :) It works for me.

PS. Don't do this while running your hands under hot water etc, when the blood flow comes back it will come back way too fast and be very unpleasant.

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Reynaud's can be a symptom of scleroderma. There are blood tests your doctor can request to determine that. Just wanted to mention it, since if it is scleroderma, it's important to get treatment early to prevent permanent damage.

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I haven't posted here before but thought this might be of interest - I was just out to dinner with a friend who has Raynaud's and says she is seeing real results with acupuncture.
Take care all.

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I have had Raynaud's Syndrome since I was about age 14 years old. My mother had it in her feet. I seem to have it severely in my hands and feet and my ears and nose have a mild case of it. I have learned that stress also brings on an attack as well as quick changes in the rooms temperature. Also turning on a fan in a room will bring on an attack. I always sleep with two or three pair of socks with one pair being for below 20 degrees or more temperatures. My feet never sweat and are a little cold still. My hands are rarely ever warm. If I am out in the summer heat with no wind blowing, only then are my hands and feet warm.

In the day time, I must have two pair of socks on for fear my feet will get cold and so painful that I feel I will get frost bite as they will get all white and numb.

I have finally learned after advice from my younger brother who loves hiking, to dress warmer than I feel I need to be so my organs do not need to take the warmth from my extremities to warm them up. So by dressing warm than I need to dress or wearing a hat outside, it seems to trick my body and the abnormal reaction to the cold and temperature changes happen less often and not as severe.

I do get attacks all the time but I have learned how to warm up my hands also or feet by quickly dressing way too warm and moving them and thinking warm thoughts.

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Link to Raynaud's Syndrome. If only feet or hands have it, then usually it Secondary Raynaud's part of a disease or other syndrome and called Raynaud's Phenomenon. Primary Raynaud's Syndrome (not related to any other disease) is in both the hands and feet like I have and starts at an earlier age.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raynaud's Syndrome Information

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Does Raynaud's ever go away at a certain age or it is something we have to live with all of our lives once the symptoms come about?

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Unfortunatly I developed Raynaud's Phenomenon last year and was just diagnosed with CREST Syndrome or limited Scleroderma. Make sure you don't have any of the other symptom's other than the Raynaud's. I am in the process of all kinds of tests to see how the rest of my organ's have been affected. I am just hoping for the best.

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Zona, What are your other symptoms so I can look out for them. I will do some research on the Crest Syndrome and Limited Scleroderma. Thanks for sharing. Iam so sorry about your diagnosis.

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I had Raynaud's syndrome for quite a few years. I was then diagnosed with Crest or Limited Scleroderma. My main illness turned out to be Primary Biliary Cirrhosis with a side order of Crest. If you have any liver test abnormalities, please have your doctor check for PBC, an autoimmune liver disease. There is now a medication which may prolong life if given early enough. Just a side note...my Raynaud's is now completely gone.

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Going back to the earlier postings about heat helping with Raynaud's, I was wondering if anyone has tried the "cozy feet" heated shoe inserts or anything like them. They aren't the disposable heaters--these are reusable and have a small battery pack that goes around your ankle. They look like they should work for me and they're not that expensive so I'm thinking of adding them to my Christmas list. If anyone has experience with them or something like them please let me know how they work.

Here is a link that might be useful: These are the Cozy Feet

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I am sitting here amazed. I was diagnosed with CREST 23 years ago, and you are the first people other than myself that I have ever heard say they had CREST. I have been to doctors who act like they are not very knowledgeable about it. I have Raynauds primarily in my hands, a hiatal hernia and recent swallow test reveal that food mostly falls down my esophogus as a result of CREST damage. I had my second major flare with swelling of my hands and feet two years ago. I had taken a flu shot about two weeks before the flare. Because of the health problems of others in my home, I took one again this year. So far I am fine.

I have lived and worked full time with this condition and am now taking care of my partially paralyzed mother. It is possible to continue life and cope with this.

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if you have a low body temperature you will have signs of raynauds. The blood flow goes to keep the major organs warm and so the last place to get blood flow is the extremities.

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Hi All
I have had Raynauds since the age of about 16. My mother had it and my sister has it. My son who is 17 has had pains recently in his fingers and I am so hoping it is not Raynauds.
I am now 43 and my fingers have been so much better the last year alto still alittle painful when cold. I too always carry gloves if they start tingling. I switch my electric blanket on too so its warm when I get into bed, as this seems the worst time, even if I am hot.
I have cut out all CAFFEINE which has greatly helped, it takes a couple of months to work, I cut it out due to headaches which have also been better. I also found that greasy food triggers it (grill your food) & especially any Jelly sweets - they are really painful. I avoid real sugary foods too, even biscuits I find sometimes trigger it off, but I never learn, still having them.!!
I dont think Raynards ever goes away, my sister has it in her toes too. I cannot bear people squeezing my hands and could never go for a manicure. I drink DECAF coffee all the time but sometimes when I run out I have normal and by the end of the day I can tell.
Is this all in the mind... I dont know but it helps me.
SO CUT OUT ALL CAFFEINE, SUGARY & GREASY FOOD AND ESP JELLY LIKE SWEETS. Eat a whole packet of Jellies and see if your fingers get worse, mine do. Good Luck. XX

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Well, I guess I am an exception to ALL of you. I never heard of Raynauds until I wrote a Dr telling him of my symptoms and he sent me an answer by email!! He is famous so was surprized when he responded!! He's the father of Omega 3 and huge success with cancer & heart disease. In 25 years, he has not lost a single patient to either disease! He is an expert in Oral Chelation too!
Was shocked when he wrote: "Sorry George, sounds like Raynauds." Said he has no magic exiler for that but may have soon.
Anyway, back to why I am a weirdo. Many of you have contracted R at an early age but did not hear of anyone getting it at my age. I am coming around the back side of my 84th Solar orbit! Usually it is women that get it. I am an old coot and a male! Go figure.
So glad to hear from all of you! Far more information than any doctor could offer. I THANK YOU ALL for your posts!!

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Hmmmm What a disappointment! I just discovered that this forum is dead! No one here...most of these posts were made 4 years ago!!!! Well, I still profited by reading them but it's sad that there seems to be no more interest in Raynaud's.
Guess I'd better cut and paste these so I will have the info. I would guess the owners on the website will soon take it down

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Flint, you gave it less than 2 hours to receive a response, I am here everyday, but I don't comment on every post unless I have something to contribute. Don't be so impatient and jump the gun complaining about it.

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Flint, I am here also still. I went to the movies with a friend tonight and it was so cold in the movie theatre which caused my feet to turn white and I had to watch the movie feeling like I had frost bite the pain was so bad. I am home now and hot from wearing so many sweaters with the heat on but my left foot is still frozen and will not warm up while the right foot warmed up.

Hence, I was doing a search on how to warm up an already too cold foot from Raynaud's Syndrome and found this old post and saw it was being made active again.

My Raynaud's seemed to have lessened a great deal and then after my neck back from the car accident 3 years ago started to hurt again, it seems my feet and hands are back to being freezing cold.

I bought 10 pair of wool socks and it seems the medium wool is better to wear but they are thick and I may have to buy some warm insulated boots wtih room for thicker socks. I used to wear 3 pair of socks in the day time and three at night but I was doing so well, I was this summer only wearing one pair of socks.

My feet actually sweated for the first time in my life this summer but now the Raynaud's is back full force again and I think it is from the nerves in my spine over reacting.

I hope Flint, you find some answers to help yourself. I hope others join in to give advice on how to warm my feet up quickly. I am going to try the scratching my nails on my feet to see if it helps.

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