Big, huge, pink stove

emagineerJanuary 30, 2007

I'm posting here since it really doesn't have to do with a kitchen remodel, design, etc. Just sharing an event.

My daughter is moving into an old victorian (renting) and it has a kitchen with the biggest "pink" stove ever seen. She hates it and was going to move it to storage, use her black one. Problem is, the stove cannot be moved through any doors. We are beginning to believe the house was built around the stove.

Her favorite colors are sage green and lilacs. She is legally blind, but has always been on her own, working and playing as hard as anyone. Colors can be visually a problem, she sees them differently than we do and what is used can be important to her daily living. We have a great time together figuring out ways to decorate her home, using the colors which work for her, going shopping to find things to fit....tis having a party for her rooms.

At first I suggested we go with black accents and do the 50s theme, but she balked at this idea. I don't always remember the color issue and what is needed. Although this time, the thought of 50s may have been off the grid.

While wondering through stores yesterday and seeing bunches of Easter decorating items, I realized Easter colors may just be the right solution. My daughter adored her grandma (my mom) and has had a picture of her cooking hanging over her stove for years. So, yesterday I reminded her of grandma's favorite holiday "Easter" and what fun it would be use the colors...which would also include the ones she personally loves. Thankfully, she loved the idea and we are going with it....the pink stove doesn't feel as ominous to her now.

I even found a pink toaster, all at once the stores are showing up with retro pinks, greens, blues in appliances and kitchen accessories. She isn't totally convinced of this, but we decided to add bunches of colors in yellow, green, lilac and that "pink" in fabric, art, etc. This is a perfect time of year to find the colors or at least get ideas for using them together.

Painting will be the first job in her sage green, then start adding to this. Hopefully her kitchen will be a fun place to be. And hopefully I haven't gone the wrong direction. But it sounds like another great decorating party.

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Pictures, please...

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I would love a big pink stove but then again I have been told I don't have the greatest taste in things. Your idea sounds great. When life hands you lemons . . . . .
I painted my kitchen a soft sage green called Kelly Moore, Leafy Lettuce. Sometimes it looks like celery green depending on the light. I really love how it made the place look. It is amazing how colors influence our moods and how we see things.
Have fun!

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Proudmama...You really want to see this pink stove thing? Or the pic of my mom?

I haven't been in her place long enough to get a real feel of all. There is still a renter in it and a total mess which we may end up cleaning Thursday. She is moving this weekend and I will be helping unpack.

Hadn't even thought of pics...but might be fun to post a couple. I posted because this "color" idea got us both in a happy mood. We are going to be giggling through some serious decorating...

Aptosca...right now she would like anyone else but her to have that stove. Her bathroom is pink too...this is really going to be a challenge for thinking out of the box.

What does your name mean? It sounds like something beautiful.

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The house I grew up in had the coolest pink cooktop with a matching pink wall oven, circa 1960. It was a dusty pink color, not too in your face. I have such fond memories of it! I think it sounds completely fun and a wonderful piece to decorate around.

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Oh, my, you brought back memories of my first unfurnished apartment. The walls of all the rooms had been painted pink!! My BF (now DH) and I painted the living room a mushroom beige, but I kept the pink kitchen, bedroom, and hallway. I remember a set of pink mixing bowls, a lovely fuschia tablecloth, napkins with green and fuschia flowers, and a hand-me-down set of Singapore Bird china with pale green and pink design. I was making the best of a bad situation, but it really was bright and cheerful.


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Actually, I would love to see what the stove looks like. It sounds funky and fun!

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Proudmama....when I get in there this weekend I'll take pics. Heaven knows what the place will look like with all the moving, but will avoid the obvious. It does sound funky.

I saw a pink/retro toaster at Tuesday morning a couple of weeks ago, before the pink was subject matter. Went back yesterday to buy it for her, but gone. She may have decided I went too far buying this though. I am probably into this more than she is...most likely due to the impact of the move right now. But mom can't wait to get in there and play...and daughter is really good to mom even while I get in the way.

Emtnester...although she is into the idea, she still can't fathom the whole concept color wise. Like you said, there are great ways to deal with the bad...and make it good.

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emagineer - Thanks. The name is the place where I live. Aptos, CA 95003. Not very imaginative. The name is Ohlone, meaning "the meeting of two creeks". "Aptos" is pronounced "app-toss." Aptos lies on San Andreas Fault, and was the epicenter of 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

If you want to be dramatic, I see also lots of SS or black to play off the pink. What do you think?

Add my request for pictures too!

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Pix, please!! Also, would gray, white and pink work? It's not so easter egg but very cool and would go with the ss. Sort of vintage with a hard edge.

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Pink is supposedly "the color of the year". No kidding. You'll be able to find plenty to go with it.

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While it would be great to add SS/Black appliances, the budget isn't there. Tis one of the reasons creativity is needed. Most likely pink/green/cream and she can add whatever else reaches her heart.

Aptos/Claire...meeting of two creeks is beutiful, where is it from? I was raised in So Cal and know the Andreas Fault, lived on it too in Brea. Also experience with about 5 of the worse earthquakes through the years. Did not know the name of your town though..

Pink is really the new color? Must be part of the new lime green showing up....we are heading to what vintage now?

I really need to get the pics and promise to post next Monday. All of you have been great being part of the fun.

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I remembered a kitchen with pink appliances in one of my old Country Living mags. The style is retro-ish because of the appliances, but there's little black - it uses a charcoal gray instead, and lots of white. It might give you some ideas. I'll be watching for pics, too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink kitchen

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A pink stove sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate living in a Victorian! Have fun - but remember, young adults don't always see our advice as being given in the cheerful, friendly comradery we intend. Ask her a few questions, give her time to mull it and let her lead the way, would be my word of caution.

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Jubilee...your point is well taken and I would not want to push anything beyond her likes or make the decisions.

The great thing is that we have a "great" relationship. She has a wonderful side of her full of humor and we can tell each other exactly what is thought along with her telling me if I am butting in...without hurt feelings. And I have no problem backing off which usually includes our laughing about it to move on. A project together is party time, we don't hang out together on a regular basis, and not unusual for many of her friends to show up to help out. She is far more of a people person than I am and has a full life without my being part of it full time. Despite her vision, she has always been the independant gal and is well known in the community for work with the blind/deaf through sports, living transition programs.

Something my son started...and have no idea where he got it...but when a disagreement starts, he says "Mom, guess what?" As well as I know the process, I always fall for it with "What?" and he answers "I love you". The reality of what is important evolves rather than a disagreement.

Kids growing up are a wonderful part of life...I'm old or they are..these kids are in their 40s, but still my kids.

And, I'm rambling, it's early and time to get something productive going.

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Emagineer, you sound like you have such a wonderful family! By the way, I love your user name - very approp for the forum. How did you choose it?

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Here of pink stove. Was surprised that the floor was black/white. This kitchen is huge, but in it's original is the entire victorian. Lori called me as soon as they could get in, they literally had to move all of the furniture and stuff from previous renter to the front porch...he was refusing to get out. The place was a mess, but about 10 people were working hard to get it clean.

The stove, which is really dirty, but looking at in great condition. I actually like it and everyone else there did too...Lori feels a lot better about it now. The guys were playing a lot with it, found the light and there is all that storage for her behind the doors.

As you can also see behind the stove, painting is a given along with caulking...throughout the house. But she wants the kitchen and her bedroom done first.

This is located on the left of stove wall. On the other side is a bank of upper cabinets/counter with sink. Beside that is an alcove with a floor to ceiling window for dining. So many possibilites in this kitchen. There is a small, new, white refrigerator right next to the stove. Have agreed to let her have black one in garage. I only use it for storing extra sodas, etc. but is 2 years old and much larger for her.

I told my daughter about posting this and asked her if she welcomed your input. Seeing the kitchen empty it looks entirely different. She would love to hear what you would do with this big room. The owners also work at the School for Blind with her and said she could do whatever she wanted. Gal will even sew curtains for her.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, definitely enjoy hearing the creativity from all. I'm not sure about a sage green now on the walls and the hanging lamp needs to be painted black, Perhaps the cabinet shown and ones over/below sink in black too...with a bit of roughing up on the edges.

Lori does like funky....just not a 50's diner look...even though I'd go for it in a minute. So options beyond this are open. She has a lot of antique signs and odd collections at hand. Street signs, yellow stop/go signal, signed/framed rock/roll groups.

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Jubilee...our family took a lot of bumps in the road to get where we are now. It also makes a huge difference when kids become adults. I like them...and...We finally grew up to know each of us are making our way through life as unique individuals. Dealing with all in our own way to make life the best as possible.

Emagineer is because I taught computer graphics to engineers for years and am also an heart is really the artist side but have been called the analytical artist more than a few times. The name is a bit of a stolen form of "Imagineer" which Disney calls their artists who create the models for their parks.

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I want to see more pictures! Pictures of what is around the stove. Pictures of the sink. Pictures of the fridge. I can't get a feel for the room from the pictures you posted.

But it looks charming and different.

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It was going through hoops trying to take photos. Someone always managed to think they were supposed to be in them...cute, but I finally told everyone to get out of the kitchen. They are moving this weekend so the kitchen will be in a bigger mess than having people stand around. I really do welcome input, so will try the "full views" when heading over on Monday to help unpack.

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That's a really interesting design. I like the built in countertop over the oven--does that counter get hot? Is it like a built-in warming plate? And what is on the left of the oven? Sometimes older designs had some *ingenious* little aspects to them that we have lost.

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Hmmm...I assumed the left side was storage, but maybe the counter on right. Interesting questions I will have to delve into.

No way am I going out today to do anything...the temp is about 20, but winds so bad it is in single digits, even my big barbeque was dumped over by wind last night. Needless to say, the kids are having a rotten time getting the move done today...but determined to finish for SuperBowl.

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What a great kitchen she has in the making. The built in looks like 20s or 30s vintage. I bet if those handles are stripped they'll be brass. Wondering what would be under those coats of paint. Has anyone tried scraping?

She could go with several color schemes and with some really nice paint the kitchen could be great.

The stove looks like 50s vintage or perhaps 60s. Pink for the "little woman" IYKWIM. hehehe. OTOH, it's pale pink, not Pepto, and will blend in really well with just the right scheme.

What colors does she like?

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Love the stove! You could go retro in design and be very dramatic or like you said before, stick with the soft pastels. What brand name is the stove?

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Look what I found...1958 GE

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Yes, that stove is a keeper. Decorate your kitchen around that pink stove as the focus. We want more pictures!

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Very cool emagineer ! How great to find a pic of the exact unique stove. Sure, I always cook wearing high heels. :-)

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Still haven't gone over, place is a mess from moving and SuperBowl got in the way.....they couldn't miss the party.

Two interesting things doing a search on this stove. One...the cost of a restored one is 4 - 5 thousand dollars. And I saw one in the same shape as this one for 3500. Had no idea they were as sought after as restored cars.

Two, searching for a specific era appliance took me to dozens of websites with photos of remodeling, interior decoration, etc. of homes built in the 50s/60s. In the past it was few and far between using other searches.

Judeny...funny, hadn't caught that. I was wondering how they got away with a stove under a huge plate glass window. There are two other ads I found with the same "family" arena and mom dressed up. Stoves were yellow. One kitchen was painted a wonderful herb green...wood cabinets, walls, ect....we have returned.

When I get over there will measure the room and get some good pics. The kitchen has to be more than 20 X 20. I would love to know what it looked like originally, definitely the type of kitchen which was used for family gatherings or the house was very formal at one time and it wasn't the wife who cooked, cleaned, etc. It has been split into two rentals, entire house is probably over 3,000 sq. ft. She is renting the first floor. The bedrooms have no closets, but there is storage all over the other rooms and my best guess is pantry now a laundry, keeping room and garden room are now the bedrooms, dining room probably had french doors but is now an office area. They shoved a bathroom into some sort of closet which may have been a cold room where the "ice box" was.

I know, should have taken photos of everything since I'm rambling on about this.

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I have a similar stove (stovezilla), but an earlier model, 1952, in white. The controls look like the dash board of a 57' Chevy.....way kool

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My house was built in 1958 and that stove would be perfect in my kitchen. I love it!

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Cool stove. I grew up with that pink. I remember when my father took the stove and oven apart to paint it, and left on a business trip; my mom fed four kids with only the crockpot.

I would do sunset colors with that soft pink - peach and mango and lemon, and maybe something dramatic in navy blue.

Umm- is this thread from 2007? how did that show up?

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