cold sores (hsv i &ii & shingles) post your remedies

shawmonaAugust 16, 2007

I'm always open to knew remedies and solutions to old problems. I have had cold sores for as long as I can remember (i'm 27 years old). If you have any awesome solutions post them here.

The one that I want to throw out there is a new invention this guy showed me. I'm bless with getting lots of colds sores so in the last 8 months i've been able to try it out about 7 times:( Of all the tricks and medication that I've tried in the past (and i've tried lots) I have to say this is the coolest and has worked the best.

I actually made a video of my last colds sore and posted it on youtube. Search for vygone and it should pop right up.

It took the guy about a half an hour to convince me that I should try this. I was hesitant because I haven't seen anything like this in the past. He finally convinced me that all herpes are polarized and that normally the virus stays dormant in your nervous system until you are sick, cold, or in the heat.

Enough talking check out the video and post any other remedies you have.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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lysine and lots of it does the trick. I only get a cold sore now if it starts in the night so that I don't catch it in time.

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Why not go to your doctor and get a prescription for something like acyclovir? I pop a pill every few hours as soon as I start feeling like I'm getting a cold sore, and that stops it from even erupting.

Like devorah says, lysine works as well, but the acyclovir is even better.

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I agree with Deborah...I take lots and lots of L-Lysine. Cheap over the counter stuff - take it at the first tingle of a cold sore.

Couldn't check out the video..dial-up just takes way too long.

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Lysine, Lysine, Lysine... take 2 at the start of one and keep taking one a.m./p.m. You may just start taking one every day. I dab w/ alcohol also. Or the latest one I have read was to use Grapefruit Seed Extract and dab that on there.

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i read HSV-zero is quite effective. it contains natural extracts. it can reduce healing time, boost the immune system, and help prevent future outbreaks. use it 3-5 times per day.

Here is a link that might be useful: hsv-zero

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Pharmaceutical grade (NOT the stuff at Wal-Mart) Tea Tree Oil works well, too.

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Lysine can raises the cholesterol in animals. I has other serious side effects.

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