Thorne Ultrachrome chromium cheidamate arginate...?

vieja_gwAugust 20, 2013

I have reactive hypoglycemia ... blood sugar after a meal drops too quickly & I get weak & shaky. After & protein rich meal it is even worse. I was told to take the chromium in the posting & wonder if it is working...? I usually could get full after a meal but felt 'something was missing'... it was sweets! I craved them! After taking this chromium supplement I am still doubtful but... the thought of a sweet doesn't cross my mind any more. Can this work so quickly? I am certainly not a person who is so readily convienced & am really a real 'doubter' but I am anxious now to see if this reaction continues! My A1C, etc. are usually on the high normal realms... will see what they are lately!

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Chromium is a essential mineral that is deficient in many diets chromium works at the cellular level helping the cells use insulin and in turn use sugar. Your body knows more than what you think when your body gets minerals it needs cravings stop. I have see it many times.
Just keep doubting and enjoy what changes.

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Isn't Chromium what Erin Brockovich movie was about? The people had it in their water and were dieing of all kinds of horrible cancers???? I am aware there are different kinds and different quantities, but I can't imagine anyone taking something like that without doctors watching over them. Watch the movie you may rethink taking it.

I found this: "LIKELY" safe and "POSSIBLY" safe.

Chromium is LIKELY SAFE for most adults when used appropriately for 6 months or less. Chromium is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when used for longer periods of time. Some people experience side effects such as skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, mood changes and impaired thinking, judgment, and coordination. High doses have been linked to more serious side effects including blood disorders, liver or kidney damage, and other problems. It is not known for sure if chromium is the actual cause of these side effects.

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As I understand it, our bodies need the chromium picolanate .. the chromium alone isn't advised as it isn't assimilated as well.

Anything in excess & unregulated by the body is not good... Am anxious to see what my blood tests show now for glucose levels. I must admit I still am a doubter so guess time will tell... but the thought of a sweet now is un-appetizing... so VERY strange for me!!

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There are people who use drug founded web sites like webmd and quackwatch to make their medical news sorry they sell drugs not cures.
Low blood sugar and high blood sugar is caused by the same problem being the cells inability to use insulin and sugar. Chromium is the ESSENTIAL mineral used by the body to regulate the use of insulin and sugar
Chromium here is some FACTS mean CR [chromium] Blood levels [u/l]
10 -------------------1972
4.7-5.1 -------------1973
0.73 -1.6 ----------1974
0.16 ----------------1978
0.43 ----------------1980
0.13 ----------------1985
and even going lower
Now here is a list of symptoms of chromium deficiencies
Low blood sugar
Learning disabilies
Manic depression
Bi-polar disease
Impaired growth
Elevated blood triglycerides
Elevated blood cholesterol
Coronary blood vessel disease
Aortic cholesterol plaque
Infertility and decreased sperm count
Shortened life span.
Now if you are able to see when CR. goes down all these deficiencies show up. If you can not see the collation your eyes are not open.
If you have lost you craving for sugar your body is telling you that you have enough because it is able to use the sugar in your system.
If I was to use chromium I would get a blood glucose meter and check daily.
When you finally have it under control fire your doctor because you know more than him.

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A doctor (MD) who also is trained in alternative medicine is the one who suggested the chromium picolinate ... I won't fire him!!!

Even the thought of something sweet is gone.... in just one week!!! I am a real 'doubter' regarding these ideas so I can't believe this has happened & wonder if it will last?! The particular type/brand was one he felt worked the best.

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I must apologist you have a good doctor if he prescribed it. He must be an alterative medical doctor because he wants to address the cause and not manage symptoms

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No apologies needed! Our bodies need so many things that must be provided for a healthy body, but anything... table salt for one... in excess can be dangerous but in the correct amounts are vital & necessary! My doctor is trained both as a licensed MD & in alternative medicine & tries to help the patient decide. I worked in & am Western medicine oriented so am trying now to understand how both fields can be complimentary.

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More power to you if more people though like you the cure rate would be a lot higher. There would be a lot less of chronic ailments.

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