Irregular heartbeats from drinking well water?

catherinetAugust 21, 2007


I've had irregular heartbeats alot since I've gone through menopause. I've had 2 echo stress tests and they were normal. But these irregular beats are just a pain.

I've had alot of them lately........more than usual. About 2 weeks ago, I bought some bottled water and was drinking that instead of our tap water, and I didn't have any irregular beats for quite awhile. Today I decided to test my theory that our tap water might be causing them, and I drank it. And sure enough, I'm having alot of irregular beats! It never happened to my husband or children.

Its very alkaline and I have GERD, so maybe it irritates my esophogus (where the vagus nerve runs), and then I have ectopy??

Anyhow......I think its time to test our well water! How strange. Any ideas?

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Hmm, does sound strange, but with wells, now, they can be polluted from ground water far away and you'll never know it. I own a well too, we are pretty careful what we do on our property. Suggest you contact your local health dept, they can recommend a company who will test it for you. I understand it's not cheap, though, especially if you're looking for specific chemicals. Good luck ! - Ellen

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Thanks Ellen,
We're pretty much organic here, but the water could be going through lots of unorganic places on its way. We live in the middle of farm country. I just googled a couple things and it mentioned that radon might cause problems. We have a radon barrier and a radon fan pulling air from under our basement. I guess it makes sense it could be in the water too.
Our water has always given me the worse esophogeal spasms of any other liquid. I'm thinking its the pH??
Thanks for your input.

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I'd have the water tested just in case.

I found this:
Volatile Organic Compounds


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are industrial and fuel-related chemicals.


VOCs can enter well water from leaking underground storage tanks, municipal waste landfills, industrial facilities or hazardous waste sites.


The effects of exposure to low levels of VOCs are not well understood. High levels of exposure have been found to cause liver, kidney and nervous system disorders, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, anemia, and cancer.

You could just be ultra-sensitive? While your family isn't?

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Thanks Lydia,
Yes, I seem to have a sensitive heart. I have irregular heartbeats for various other reasons too (caffeine, hormones, etc.). I'll have the water tested for the VOCs too. Thanks!

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I also suffer irregular skips, flops, flutters, vibrations, etc - have for many years. Dr's say they are benign, but still very bothersome at times.

There is a connection many claim between GERD and an increase in palpitations/irregular heartbeats and yes, exactly because of the link to the vagus nerve. I do notice if I over-indulge in a meal, I may have more irregular heartbeats. Keeping smaller meals always makes me feel better, all around.

I too have a very sensitive heart. I have always felt my heartbeat, been very aware of it at all times. I got more frequent irregular beats after having children. It can be no fun, that's for sure.

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Hi Tracie,
Yes.....I agree! I have always suspected GERD as some of the reason for my palps. I've read that other people have too. I was thinking maybe my tap water is somehow caustic to my eosphagus, and it gets my vagus nerve going.
My heart is so sensitive. The doctor said that some people come in with tons of ectopy, but have never felt it. Wish I was one of those people! Mine really wallops me in the chest and I usually cough.
There could be so many reasons for it. I've gone through spells in my life when I would get alot of irregular beats immediately after eating or drinking anything......which would sort of support the vagus nerve theory. But....I went through several weeks of getting ectopy from just looking at dinner before I ate it! hahaha Isn't that weird? So then I started thinking it must involve the enzymes/hormones involved in digestion and maybe they make the heart more sensitive?? it seems I get to put tapwater on the list of culprits! I'm just plain weird I guess! :)

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