sub lingual Vit. B12 anyone...?

vieja_gwAugust 16, 2012

I was told by my doctor that many people don't adsorb Vit. B well from the GI tract & need to get it either by injection or sublingual Vit.B12 sublingual tablets which my doctor said he takes all the time.

I started the sublingual tablets, one tablet under the tongue each morning to dissolve while I make a pot of coffee. After a couple of months I do believe it has helped. A few years back I sustained a concussion after a fall & lost the sense of smell completely. Neurologist could only suggest maybe zinc & Vit. B12 injections MIGHT help. After taking zinc & Vit. B12 injections for over a year I have regained a lot of the sense of smell again. Now the sublingual tabs have me also feeling better.. much to my surprize as I doubted a pill absorbed under the tongue could help!

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That's great! The receptors for B12 are at the end of the intestines and if you swallow a pill, it doesn't make it that far. Sublingual goes straight into the bloodstream. What strength are your pills? What brand?

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My doctor- who is an Internal Medicine specialist- said to get it at Sam's where he gets his: 'Nature's Bounty' B-12 sublingual 2,500 mcg (2.5 mg). I must chec to see if B is water or fat soluble .... if fat soluable I guess one could over dose easier: I also take a multivitamin so that would have vit. B in it also!

I'm not one to be easily convinced like this, but I really do believe it has helped ...

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My bloodwork showed that I was deficient in many vitamins including Niacin/B-12. My doctor had me get injections each week for a month and then inject myself once a month for three months. That brought everything back up to normal. Now I only have to do the sublingual once a week and so far my numbers are fine (one year later).

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So frustrating when people wn't try something but just say 'it won't work!" !! My sister had colon cancer & has a colostomy & now Crohns disease. She won't use the sublingual Vit. B tabs ... says they won't dissolve in her dry mouth (I tell her to rinse her mouth out first with water in that case!), then says she can't keep the pill under her tongue til it dissolves (!).. well, I find it dissolves within seconds & I try to keep it there as long as possible. Then ONE doctor told her the pills don't work... ONE doctor's advice is no reason not to try something if it won't hurt you! I tire of her complaints when she won't even try something that might help! I will keep taking them that's for sure!

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When you say "it works", what is exactly happening? Do you have more energy?

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I, too was told that I needed sub lingual B12 because of low levels. After 5 days I called by doctor and was told to stop taking them. They normally give you energy. When I took my B12 pills, within 30 minutes I had to sit down and felt as though the energy in me was being pulled out. I have never felt so it. Doc said that occasionally the sub lingual B12 have the opposite effect on people. Guess I am one of the few!

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People take B12 for energy boosts but it rarely does that to me. Sometimes I can notice a sense of healthiness the next day after taking the pill or when I sometimes do the liquid (also kept under the tongue).

My doctor does very thorough blood work so I monitor the levels once or twice each year. They were having trouble getting the dosage right for my Thyroid medicine so I had to do a lot of lab tests in the course of a year so I got to double check my vitamin levels often.

I was told by another doctor that sub-lingual was not as effective as injection. There is even a medical hot line where you can ask a question and they will call you back with the answer within a week (I think it is operated with Med students). I asked the question there and was told that sublingual is a third less effective, or more. But, you can take a pill every day if you need so I think it works out fine. In my case it wasn't giving myself the shot it was the amount of stuff I had to inject into the muscle that was a problem.

Now all I have to do is take one pill per week.

The liquid B12 is usually near the pills at the drug store, if you don't want to take a pill.

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I found out the Vit. B tabs are water soluable so not as easy to overdoase as if they were fat soluable as some of the other vitamins are. Even if the amt. of Vit. B in the sublingual tabs. is only 1/3-2/3 absorbed, I feel it is worth taking as easier & less $$ than the shots which I can get at home. When I needed to try the vitamin after I had a concussion & lost the sense of smell, the Dr. felt it best to start with the injections along with zinc to see if I could recover some of the sense of smell. I am curious to see how my blood levels are since now beginning the tablets! Is the liquid better absorbed under the tongue than the tabs.? Interesting 'bummalone' that some people get the opposite effect from the tabs. though!

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I posted this initially & really felt I had some favorable results... however, after a few months of taking the sublingual Vit. B tablet first thing in the mornning I noticed some mornings I really felt 'down', memory 'fuzzy', etc.!! I remembered you mentioning you had some negative effects from the Vit. B sublingual tablet so I decided to test thngs as some mornings I wouldn't take the tablet & to my amazement I felt 'normal'/OK those mornings... but when I began to take the tablet again, the symptoms recurred! I must ask my doctor what the significance of this is?! I now am going to try & take the pill at night to see if by morning I feel OK. Is it the vitamin or the method by which it is taken I wonder? I have taken the Vit. B-12 injections & don't remember feeling the same way.... perhaps it has something to do with the additional ingredients in the pill form?! I take the SAM's label 'Nature's Bounty' 2500 mcg B-12.

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I tried taking them at night but felt very sluggish the next morning. Although my levels are still low I have stopped taking the B12. The side effects were just not worth taking it just to have a normal blood reading. I would be interested to hear what your doctors take is on this

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bummalone: I felt I really did feel better when I first began the sublingual Vit. B ... but then I began to feel 'weak', etc. soon after taking the vitamin in the mornings. I stopped them & I felt 'good' again so I remembered your posting about similar results. Took them at night... but next morning I also didn't feel 'good'(hard to really describe in words!). I will ask my doctor about this as he said he takes the same brand I was using. What brand was yours ... from 'Sam's' also? I wonder if there is some other ingredient in that brand that is having the effect we notice? I never remember having the same feeling when I took the Vit. B 12 injections ... but that was a few years ago. Am upset I can't take this sublingual route but maybe I will try another brand to see.

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saw the vit B sublingual pills in my cabinet & decided to try them once more.. well, it was the very next day I felt 'wiped out' as before ... just like 'bummalone' felt! Very odd.. but I now have tested them twice & got the same reaction so I was clearly the Vit. B sublingual again! I will go back to the regular B tabs I have to swallow as don't remember them having the same effect. Really wonder what it is in the sublingual that does this? Hard to describe the 'feeling' but it is a kind of weakness all over from them. Would be curious if any others have had this reaction also?

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