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CarinaAugust 2, 2004

I just had my pap done two weeks ago & got a call from my gyn's office (NOT a call you want to get, I immediately assumed the worst!)

But, he said the pap had shown "elevated bacteria" indicating some sort of vaginitis. Or something. Everything is perfectly fine & acting normal as far as I can tell. I'm 46 and have never had any sort of infection, so I was a little surprised.

Anyhow, he wanted me to go on some vaginal goop for 5 days, so he called in a scrip. It cost $80.00!! I almost didn't bother. It's called MetroGel, contains metronidazole and methyl parabin. Whatever that is - some sort of antibacterial. Anyone use this stuff? Why does one get vaginitis? Did I just waste $80.00?

For what it's worth, I've had quite a bit of dental work done and have never bothered with the antibiotics. I've only had antibiotics once in my life. I took it for two days, it made me itch all over and I didn't need it anyhow. So I'm just not used to taking any sort of medications. Having just spent $80.00 for this stuff I guess I'll use it.

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It is crazy what prescriptions are like, nowadays!

DD had a bad stomach flu, and instead of calling in 'finergen' (sp?), which is a $10 copay, they called in a new drug, and it was $25 per pill!!!!!!!!

But I had already been up for 24 hours with a sick child and the pharmacy was about to close and I had no choice. GEEZ!

Then it happened again with a newfangled prescription cough medicine that cost $40.

I wish I knew how to find out at the doc office whether a prescription is covered on my insurance.

But what happens is the drug companies court the doctors and give them kick backs for using the newer drugs. I wonder if there aren't other meds that would be just as suitable to your issue, that ARE better covered by insurance.

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I learned a long time ago to find out what the prescription was for BEFORE I left the office and to ask if it was an expensive drug and if so, is there a generic brand that is less expensive? Carina, was the $80 after your copay? That is expensive!

Be sure to take ALL this medication - vaginitis is an infection (or inflamed) vagina. Sometimes you don't even know you have it (no symptoms). Have you had any burning or itching? Sometimes it can be caused by sexual intercourse, irritation, allergies. Have you been on any medication for your dental work? This could also be the culprit. I used to get yeast infections all the time (another form of vaginitis). I definitely knew I had a yeast infection because of the burning. I also had an "elevated bacteria" count once, but the doctor said it was because of the antibiotics I was taking.

Oh, one more thing, are you taking estrogen? any hormonal changes?

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downsouth - I am at the tail end of menopause, so all sorts of hormonal wierdness going on! In fact, after 11 months without a period, I've just had two, 3 weeks apart (darn it, I thought I was DONE.) So I am waiting for that to be over before I use the expensive goop...
But no symptoms at all

I only have major medical, no prescription coverage. So the $80.00 was full retail. There was no generic equivalent, I should have asked the doctor's office if there was something cheaper they could have prescribed! I just didn't expect an antibacterial cream to be pricey.

Oh well. Glad to know I contributed to somebody's boat payment, I guess.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Carina, I used it a couple of years ago. This has nothing to do with a yeast infection, it is bacterial. Mine occurred because of vaginal dryness in menopause. It is common, but something you need to take care of. I had a co pay so don't remember the cost. Mine had throw away applicators. I reused the applicators a couple of times so that if I got the infection again, I would be able to start the med with the applicators. I had to use mine for 5 days, and yet there was more in the tube.

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This is the first time I've been over on this forum.

I was a clinical microbiologist for 15 years. In general, the cost of the new pharmaceuticals burns me up too. But, I'd rather have the newer drugs when I need them.

Carina--By now I'm sure you've made your decision on whether or not to treat your bacterial vaginitis. Just wanted to say that those antibiotics that you are supposed to take before you see the dentist are very important. Way more important than whether you choose to treat the vaginitis. If you get itchy when you take the antibiotic, you may be allergic. In that case, you need to tell the doctor so they can get you on another drug. Please, talk to your doctor and the dentist--it's important. OK?

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Carina, that is sad that you have no prescription coverage. I don't know what I would do without DH's prescription coverage at his work, as I take 3 prescriptions each day for back pain and arthritis and he takes two anti-depressants plus a blood pressure medicine. We couldn't afford all this without his coverage. I don't know what we'll do when he retires.

Have you checked into Canadian prices for prescriptions? I have read they are much cheaper coming from Canada.

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Buglady - Okayyyy... :)
I absolutely never get sick, my last cold was almost ten years ago. So I tend to be a bit cavalier, figuring I have a very sturdy immune system...! But now that I'm getting older I suppose that may be changing. As perhaps evidenced by this bacterial thingie, which I am treating.

Downsouth - I know, I really need to look into getting meds from Canada. I take bipolar meds, have for many years - it would be way cheaper. I'm self empoyed and so far just pay for major medical, insurance is SO expensive!

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Thanks, Carina--That makes me feel better. :) How wonderful that you have that sturdy immune system! I wish mine were a little sturdier. Seems I get at least one bad cold or the flu each year. And then it takes forever to get completely over it.

Well, you have sincerely made me happy to know that you are taking good care of yourself. Nice to know I didn't study all those years for nothing, too. :)

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Happy I made you happy Buglady! :)

The immune thing must be a genetic trait, at least in part. My entire family is the same way (and I haven't lived an ENTIRELY clean and virtuous life...) I have friends who get sick often with one thing or another, people who don't smoke, drink much or have any other obvious risk factors. Go figure.

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