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OrchidOCDAugust 17, 2013

Hello All,

My first time posting to this forum, though a long-time GW member. I have a question for any who've used non-traditional treatments combined with conventional medicine. Apologies in advance if it seems a strange question.

I've got a neuromuscular issue that I've been trying to treat on my own for over a year, and have had enough success with a self-mixed blend of passionflower, ginko, etc that I've been able to manage my symptoms pretty well. But, as the symptoms have increased and now affect my safe driving ability, I finally decided I needed to get to the root of them. So, I went to see a neurologist. I'm now scheduled for a spinal MRI and EMG/NCS of both arms and both legs.

My question is, should I stop using my herbal remedy before those diagnostic tests, to ensure the tests reveal my unadulterated neuromuscular responses? Or would the GABA agonist properties of the herbal blend that I credit for it's effectiveness not really affect the diagnostic tests? I'm kind of hesitant to give up what's been helping me manage so far, but at the same time, knowing how uncomfortable EMG/NCS is (had to have one for carpal tunnel syndrome in the past) I also don't want to risk 'throwing' the test results and have to do them over later. Thoughts?

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Oh I would if it were me. For some tests you can't even have coffee or colas before the test. For sure tell your doctor what you are taking.

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Thank you for your reply, EmmaR. I do always list all of what I'm taking, prescription, OTC and the herbal stuff that's not found in the PDR. :-) I am going off of my herbal remedies (except cayenne tincture - couldn't survive 'sinus season' without it to help me keep my sinuses draining and pain-free) and caffeine in preparation for the tests. I'm hoping for a reliable, rapid diagnosis. Thank you again for your sage advice!


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I am glad it has worked for you. Just remember they are drugs so be careful using them, especially using them along with other drugs. An awful lot of herbs "natural" things are blood thinners.

There was a report in a health newsletter I get and it said to be careful using aspirins to prevent strokes and heart problems. I guess they are beginning to see a long term effect from aspirin treatment. I could have told them that. I would slowly bleed to death if I took them.

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