6 Weeks of Fitness, Week 6/6 (Cycle II)

anele_gwJuly 13, 2014

Our last week in this cycle!

How has everyone been? What is on the agenda for this coming week for you?

I have been upping my exercise time a bit. I am aiming for 20-30 minutes of interval training (cardio and strength) and then an additional 15 minutes of yoga or now ballet for stretching. I thought the yoga was enough, but yesterday I did a lot of stretching a different way (ballet) and I was so tight. Ack! Definitely going to continue!

(Book I was using-- videos are online)

I also was able to finish one of the kettlebell workouts with my 10 lb weight. It was not a problem at all, but the instructor (DVD) specifically said it was meant to do with a challenging weight. So, I am sure others would be harder with a 10 lb for me, but I am going to get a 15 lb one for this workout specifically.

In other news, since I started using 10 lb hand weights vs. the 5 lb, my workouts have become a lot harder which makes them a lot more "fun" (because then they feel effective). I can't do all the reps with certain exercises, but I keep working on it . . .

I'll be doing another cycle after this one, so if you're reading this and thinking about joining in, please do! (And start now if you like, even if your goal is 2 minutes a day. Anything more than 0 counts.)

Here is a link that might be useful: NYC Ballet

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Annie Deighnaugh

Oh man, these weeks go flying by. I've been challenged by neck issues...I've been getting a lot of freeze ups and stiffness and pain and such. I've been adding neck stretches to try to ease it up, but so far, it's been annoying. Hopefully I'll be able to stretch my way out of it. The weird thing is, DH had it last week...never knew it was catching!

I haven't been that good about planking, but I did push it up to 105 seconds. I'm trying to figure out how to work more squatting into my day. My habit is to bend over at the hips, and I think I would do well to squat to say, feed the kitties, load the washer, etc.

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Oh no about the neck issues, Annie. When did they start?

Weird about DH . . .now I am wondering of there is some activity that you both just started that is affecting it? Or repositioning of something (like a screen that is higher)? Hmm . . .

Planking to 105? That is absolutely amazing. Wow!

Good idea about the squatting. I bet you have many opportunities!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thanks, anele, my neck is probably related to too much computer time. One of the muscles just starts to spasm...very painful. But then it eases up.

I have good news though...I did it! I did my 2 min plank!!!

Now I need to make a plan for how I'm going to keep up with it and not just let the whole thing slide....

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Met with my kbell group today, and we had a nice workout.

AnnieD, two minute plank -- wow! You are like iron.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm telling you! I've got core muscles like steel....

...that's been buried in the ground for several decades and is rusted, decayed and full of holes!

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2 minutes, Annie? That is incredible! Awm is right-- you are like iron!

Awm, that is awesome about your KB group. Are there ever any injuries with people letting go by mistake? My hands get so sweaty sometimes . . . I worry about that! (Right through DH's TV it would go!) Thank goodness I am short, because if I were taller my KB would break through our very low ceiling with some moves. I am finally getting some little callouses from them. Hope that is a good thing!

For the next set of 6 weeks, I will just keep one thread going the whole time instead of individual weeks.

Can you believe we've been talking about this (and following through) for 3 months? I know some of you have done it all along (started long before). Wow!

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