lympho-edema p.t.?

chery2August 13, 2004

I've had terrible edema in my feet and legs for a long time. Had all kinds of tests telling me my heart is ok. Just getting worse, so DH wanted me to go to a university hospital not too far away. The university doc called to say another test was not what I needed; I needed the lympho-edema clinic instead. Couldn't manage traveling 3-5 days/week, but doc's assistant discovered there was such a clinic right in town.

Apparently they treat the swelling with exercise, and I don't know what else. Would like to hear from someone who's been treated for this problem w/ p.t. chery-va

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I haven't been specifically treated, but I know that my edema gets *way* better if I exercise regularly. With 1/2 hour on the treadmill four days a week, it nearly disappears.

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