Anyone hear of Samoan Mahagony floors

hanly2August 1, 2010

I was at the flooring supply place with my contractor and they had a floor called Samoan Mahogany, it looked very nice was a stained floor not natural but nice none the less, It was not by a name brand, but was a item that they sold as their stock. The price is right, but I just don't know much about the wood and can't find to much about it online?

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I did some research for you. This seems to be the flooring: "Johnson's Flooring Carnaval Collection Samoan Mahogany Mocha 4-3/4in Solid" It looks like Asian Mahogany stained. To me it can be a soft wood species. Please find out the real species name with seller and Janka hardness rating.

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That is all the info I could find as well. The janka rating is supposed to be 1600. It didn't look to be stained the color ran all the way through the boards. I did a little test and dropped a wrench on it and some bruce oak, and the samoan is def harder, we are going to go with it and take the chance that it is good because it is so nice looking. I guess we could always refinish it if the finish isn't up to par.

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Hi Hanly2. Please share your experience with us when your flooring project is done.Thank you!

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