Living with ED

quiltdogJanuary 24, 2007

Did you see this new show on HGTV? It was so funny! I would not like living with Ed. He was really into recycling in a very overboard style.

His family is not alowed to use the dishwasher because it uses too much water.

His wife is remodeling the kitchen. Of course they picked recycled glass countertop. They looked really pretty! I didn't see recycled countertops when I was shopping. Did any of you?

So she tells Ed that the new countertops are going to need new appliances. He says why. I was ROTFL. It reminds me so much of my hubby and I during remodeling.

Can't wait till the next episode. Ed make soup in this solar panel so he won't have to use the stove.

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I saw the title of the thread and thought it was something ENTIRELY different!! LMAO

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Bill - I am so glad you said that as I thought the same thing.

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I was thinking along those lines too.....

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Quiltdog - ya had me going for a minute there! I thought I had seen most everything in the 'Conversations' side of the KF but I feared we'd reach a new level with an ED post.

I thought "how are we going to talk about this without being banned for life?"


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Well, lots of topics have been discussed on this forum, but quiltdog, I thought you were blazing a new frontier.


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I know what quiltdog is talking about (although I haven't seen the show just previews for it) but what is the ED that you all are talking about? Sure would like to know - esp. if it involves such juicy material that it may get us "banned for life" ;-)

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Mindstorm - think Viagra :)

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Doc, LOL! I got it!

I have to say though that going by the copiously, numerously, excessively large number of emails (spam mails) I get at home with offers for treatments for this, I would have thought that was a solved problem. Sort of like - measles or smallpox (eradicated, right?). ;-)

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I was thinking that you are very brave, quiltdog.... Hey, did you get your gc to finish the punch list before doing the walk-through?

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Someone should tell Ed that a new dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand. That is, unless he does the "two dunk" wash (double bowl sink, dunk in soapy side, dunk in "clean" side, done), which doesn't get dishes very clean, IMO.

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I'm glad I aroused so much interest! So embarrassed. I'm so naive! I sent an email at work about A LITTLE COCKAPOO NAMED POPPY. It got trunkcated in the middle of cockapoo at an embarrassing point.

Somehow we ended up not talking about what I wanted to talk about, BOTH TIMES!

Sjerin, I just posted a new thread on that on the other side. Thanks for asking. Thanks for caring. My post is about my frustration about fixing one thing then new concerns crop up.

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I love this show. (Quiltdog, I'm relating a lot to you today!) For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a reality show centering around Ed Begley and his (very tolerant IMHO) wife. I was intrigued because Ed reminds me a little of DH who is my very own Recycle Guy around here. I learned long ago that if I wanted to keep a secret, I shouldn't throw anything away around the homefront because Recycle Guy goes through our trash. He's the reason I put recycling/trash doors from the inside to the garage bins, just to cut out another step. My RG isn't as bad as Ed, but in a lot of ways they are strangely similar...Long ago, I drew the line at saving bath water for the garden! He totes water from the dehumidifier to pour onto the house plants, bless him. It's more than I would do, but the plants really like it.

Those countertops were great, weren't they? They really needed to update that kitchen!

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LOL quiltdog - thank you - I know what you meant but, laughter is the BEST medicine.

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I love that show - really funny. When she said she wanted new appliances and he said "WHY?", I was ready to scream into the TV "Tell him new appliances will be more energy efficient and use less of our natural resources!" "Tell him the old ones can be given to a charity - not put in a landfill!" AUGH! I hope she gets new appliances. The poor thing - that old range opened up with a chicken wire handle!

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I read your initial title thinking, a new disease? lol.....

excessive decorating perhaps?

I'll be on the lookout for the show, I've not seen it.

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Sue beat me to it about the dishwasher, but I love that show! And he's so funny trying to be so serious about his equipment, like the day he was on the roof washing his array.

Ed really isn't doing anything that we should all be doing, IMHO.

(I didn't get the "ED" until I read the viagra mention.)

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Saw it advertised and then forgot about it....gotta watch it next time with your responses.

Me too...thought someone was living with a disability and needed help.

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I get a lot of laughs watching this show- admire the wife's tolerance but really get tickled when she reaches her limit & digs in her heels. DH never cared much for Ed's acting but he sure gets a kick out of watching him in this.

IMO we could all do more to save energy, conserve water & reduce amount going to our landfills. Composting, recycling & water conservation I'll do; however, I draw the line at washing roof mounted solar panels at age 70- only other spot for them for our house is the front yard...a resounding NO!

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They said that Sunday was the last episode. How many was that for the season, 5? I liked seeing Bill Nye again. I used to live in his neighborhood in Seattle before he moved to LA. I saw him at the post office one day but didn't say anything.

I like what Bill said about his PV array. He doesn't want to live off the grid, he wants to supply power TO the grid. I wish I could afford PVs. :(

Just think if we ALL supplied power to the grid. Less oil imports, less coal burning electrical plants. I felt good about living in Seattle because the power was supplied by dams - well except for the poor salmon. But being a salmon at spawning time has got to be rough with all the swimming upstream and people and critters trying to eat them.

Okay, did I wander enough? :) (Mmmmm, salmonnnn.)

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