New Year Blessings!

jubileejJanuary 1, 2007

Hi All,

Happy New Year! Are we having fun yet? I hope you have at least a piece of kitchen in which to sit for a cuppa tea. What are you thankful for from 2006???

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I'm thankful I could live it to the fullest, with it's ups and downs; I hope to do better in 2007 as far as exercising goes.

Here's to a clean slate and a great beginning to this new year !!!

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I am thankful for this new kitchen. As I start to use it, I find it is so much better than the old one. It may have been the remodel from you-know-where, but I guess in the end it was worth it. I am truly thankful that it is done! I hope everyone else has a great 2007 in their new kitchen.

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I'm thankful to be healthy, (except for my bad back). That is the most important thing.

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A couple a pies on the counter, ambrosia replenished with a few more oranges, oooh it feels good to be cookin again - even if I dont know where my black pepper is (for the mac n cheese, not the ambrosia!) Winding up a relaxed New Years with my family, Momma in spite of her confusion at the nursing home today, remembered everything about her Birthday with us last week!

Its "back in the saddle" tomorrow - teaching all day, straightening out remodel and ordering glitches here and there, trying to keep schedules coordinated on the remodel and life in gen.- but I am so thankful for a free land, seasonal celebrations, and a chance to connect with others.

Donna, God bless as Sean is laid to rest, and, as far as your back, I wont extol the wonders of chiropractic, cause I imagine you know all that and it doesnt work for every condition - but hope you get some relief and soon! Take a long soak!

Aptosca - you guys are amazing DIYs and your kitchen is fantastic! You have been an inspiration, and hope you have time to stick around.

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I learned of a great spanish custom this year, too late to do it though. Take twelve grapes and make a wish and eat them as the clock strikes twelve--then hit the champagne. Turns out it started as a "use up the grapes" idea by spanish grape growers in 1919, but oh well, it still sounds like a great idea and I love the idea of making wishes instead of resolutions!

As for us. We are just so thankful every minute for our daughters (here I make a spitting sound and mutter kine hora or "avert! avert!). They had an incredible year, culminating in acting and singing in a massive christmas show all through December. To hear my older daughter sing a solo of silent night in german, in a darkened packed theater, was really something. To see the youngest twinkle her way through her only line "Hot Gluevine! (some kind of german hot mulled wine)" was a scream. But most of all to see them blossom and take on such serious work while dancing and singing through the rest of the holiday was a joy.

We feel very lucky right now. And we try to hang on to it every second.


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