unexplained pain

Seamer1August 3, 2005

I have unexplained pain, and it lasts in a certain area about 3-4 days, goes away, then I ache in another area. Today it happens to be my hip, the other day it was my foot, before that it was my shoulder,etc. I have noticed that my left ankle is rather swollen, and that is the foot that hurt me earlier. It isn't injured though. All this weirdness is irritiating. Any ideas?

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Is Lyme disease common in your area? I think joint pain that moves from joint to joint is typical of Lyme.

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I was going to say Lyme as well. If Lyme disease is not common in your area, the doctors may be biased against it. Instist on testing. No good comes from delaying treatment.

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How interesting, isn't lyme's disease from a tick bite? I haven't had a tick on me in forever. I'll have to research it, because we do live in an area where it would be possible

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Lyme is most often carried by deer ticks. They are so small that they can attach themselves to you, fill up with blood (I know, really gross!) and drop off without you knowing they were ever there. It happened to my husband. He never saw a tick. But luckily for him, he had the classic bullseye rash so it was easy to diagnose. I have heard of many cases where no rash developed or was in a place where you might not see it like the scalp. Good luck!

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Arthritis can start that way also.

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Especially Rhumetoid (sp?), at any age. A simple blood test can detect indicators for RA.

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Your symptom picture is vague and provides absolutely no basis for any kind of differential diagnosis. Any ideas? Yes - see your primary care provider. Based on your history, they may need to do anything from an infectious disease workup to an autoimmune assessment. All of us here are shooting in the dark. Do yourself a favor and get some real answers, ASAP.

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Check out fibermylasia, not too fun but there are tender points in the body and it moves to different areas. Best of luck, let us know.

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