Do cholestrol drugs also help lower blood pressure?

mboston_gwAugust 1, 2010

Just wondering cause I was put on them a little over a month ago. My blood pressure was also higher than I would like - staying in the 130's alot and sometimes 140's.

Since starting the cholestrol meds, I have also changed my diet - cut out alot of junk, eating more veggies, cooking with olive oil, dropped to 2% milk instead of whole and am also either walking 45 min. on the treadmill or doing my senior aerobics class 5 days a week. I monitor the BP at Publix on Saturdays when I go and at the Rec. center before I excerise. It has steadily dropped down to the 120's, then into the 110-119 range and this last week it was down to 108 on a couple days and down to 104 once. I know the machines aren't as good as at the doctor's office but if you just compare those taken at the Rec center, it has to mean something good and then even those taken at Publix are in the same range.

Just wondering if its the meds, or the other changes or a combo of all.

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The Cholesterol meds aren't lowering your blood pressure. Your new regime of diet and exercise is what is lowering your blood pressure as well as your bad cholesterol.

Just a word about blood pressure. Your blood pressure does not stay the same all day long. It fluxuates according to stress, anger, exercising, sleeping or resting and other factors in your everyday life. You have high blood pressure when your blood pressure is consistantly high over a long period. That is why doctors often do a 24 hour blood pressure test.

Doctors are not as concerned over systolic reading--120,130, 140--as they are over the diastolic reading--78,80,85. The first reading is the heart pumping and the second is the heart at rest. High blood pressure is anything over 140/90 and optimal blood pressure is 120/80.

I'd say don't obcess about your blood pressure. Just continue as you are doing and you soon won't need any pills. Congrats on changing your life for the better!!

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I have a BP problem and I bought one of the wrist machines, it is great. I took it to the doctor to compare it and both were the same. It is really handy and has a lot of memory in case the doc wants see.

Congratulations on the routine you have gotten into.

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My second number is usually in the 50's or 60's, never above. I think the new definition of "prehypertension" is now anything over 120. My doctor had already talked to me about changes in diet before the high cholestrol issue came up. I know it changes throughout the day - If I walk the treadmill, I change the time of day I go, sometimes morning, sometimes afternoon. Like today, it was 111 - 57 and pulse was 64.

Haven't had cholestrol checked yet. That will be in 3 weeks. Hoping all I am doing will help that as well.

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