Nightguard--Available at Pharmacy?

choufleurAugust 5, 2005

My dentist indictated my night-time teeth grinding (bruxism) is the cause of the pain in my temples, ears, throat and jaws. She stated she needs to make a nightguard for me. In the meantime, do you know if this device is available from a pharmacy? My pain is almost unbearable and I won't be able to get this device from the dentist soon enough.

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There are several brands being sold at your basic Pharmacy chains, such as Longs, Save-on, etc. I cannot remember the brand names, and some are marketed more as athletic mouthgards, which would probably be too bulky to be comfortable at night. Look for something that is promoted as being a true nightguard. They are made of soft plastic that you put in hot water and then mold to fit your mouth.

As a practicing hygienist for 23 years, I also have noctcturnal bruxism - (teeth grinding in your sleep) - which started when I began ortho treatment at age 14-so don't let anyone talk you into ortho for treating this problem. I sometimes helps and it sometime makes things worse.

Believe me, if there were a cure or easy answer, I would know about it. I have had several professionally made nightguards - for free other than the wholesale bill from the lab, which is nominal - but most DDS charge in the $400-$450 range for them and they are often excluded from coverage under dental benefit plans.

The biggest challenge you face, once you find a nightguard, is getting used to wearing it. I think the longest time I wore mine for was 2 years. Due to the natural way that teeth migrate and shift over the years, if you do find one you like and can stand wearing, be sure to wear it often enough that it continues to fit - as opposed to what often happens, where someone pays the $400 to the DDS, wears it for a few months, puts it in the drawer and by the time they remember to take it back out months or years later, it does not fit any more.


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