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MariposaTraicioneraJanuary 16, 2006

For those who have finished their kitchens and remember my knee surgery days, please take a look at what we're thinking of doing and give some feedback please. I posted in discussions but since most there are now putting theirs together, I thought I should add it here too since some of you might not frequent the 'other' side.

Was also thinking about adding a prep sink near the range instead of a pot filler. And as I said 'over there,' the desk area would stay the same except for new cabs and countertop.

It's been a long time of putting off this remodelling and we're hoping (keep your fingers crossed that there are no set backs again) that we can have this done before July!

Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mari'skitchenplans

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I have just two comments. I see that you have angled cabinets in several places. I do as well, since my kitchen nook is shaped like an octagon and I have many 45° and 67° angles in my kitchen work area as well. I purchased a total of 5 angled cabinets. But I didn't purchase that deep corner cabinet, although we considered it for a long time. First, it looks like you have an angled base cabinet in the corner to the right of the kitchen sink. Does that cabinet abutt the sink base? I would really recommend a straight run of base cabinets there. I think that an angled base cabinet might get in your way around the sink. Also, since it is so much deeper than 24", it will be difficult to reach whatever is in the upper wall cabinet. Also, it takes up visual space as well and might make that corner look smaller.

Next, Mari, I have a prep sink with a Kohler Vinatta the Lesser faucet and I can reach two or three of my burners to fill pots with hot water. The rectangular sink is 14" wide and sits 16" from my cooktop. So with the way the faucet turns and the long "hose" pull-out, in effect, I just about have a pot filler. But the functionality of my sink cannot be beat. You will always have somewhere to rinse food and drain, and you don't have to clear the main sink of dirty dishes to do so. A large colander can sit comfortably inside the sink. Not only do I use my prep sink as much as my main sink, but I can actually sit my bread machine in it and operate that machine there (which I only use to make dough, I always bake the bread in the oven). Which probably sounds pointless, except that when my bread machine is kneading it sometimes "walks" on the counter, so I never have to fear the machine falling off the counter and can leave when it's operating. Also, I have a regular cutting board that covers the top so if I need extra surface area I can cover the sink and swivel the faucet to the side. My prep sink was the best improvement in my kitchen. It is in a corner near a wall, so it's fairly inconspicuous too, well, except of course for the faucet. I hope this helps.

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I like the location of the fridge (on the run end near your dining area), very convenient. Instead of the table, you're figuring an island instead - I like that idea alot, but how will it be configured (east to west or north to south?), I can see both ways working. With east to west you could even do built-in seating around the bay? Where do the doorways lead?

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I forgot to mention that, based on what I have in my corner, having an angled wall cabinet over the "L" shaped corner base cabinet doesn't hit you in the face as having to different cabinet shapes, one above the other. Since one cabinet is on the wall, the other one the floor with a counter in between, you really don't notice that they don't have the same "profile." Also, The crown molding above the angled wall cab accentuates the angle beautifully. Good luck and let us know what you decide!

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Hi Cup and Pauline, thanks for your feedback. Pauline, I don't think we can add seating near the bay for an island because it's very low down (bay). From the sill to the ground it's 23" and the island would be a lot taller. That would have been a great idea though. The only way we could do that is to use a dining table. Cup, I'm going to be careful with those cabinets (angles) and not until I've checked them out carefully will I commit to them.

I too like the location of the fridge. The DW will be next to the fridge then the sink. I'm thinking that trash would be on the right of the sink, but wondering how that would affect the lower cabinets on that side.

Cup, thanks for the giving me examples on how beneficial the prep sink would be. I was concerned about losing counter space since I don't have much, but you've been very clever with yours so I'm going to trash the idea of a pot filler and go full force for prep sink.

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You probably already know this, but if you put a prep sink in the corner you need to plan your backsplash accordingly. You have to decide how you will finish the wall at the side of the sink so splashes won't damage your wall. I also have an under cabinet no-hum slimline flourescent fixture above my prep sink that is nice and bright. It is the only under under cab light fixture I have in the kitchen. It operates off of a wall switch that I can "knock on" with my elbow if I need to. My prep sink is a Kohler cast/iron with white enamel. It measures 14" wide by 16" front-to-back and is 7-8" deep. It is undermounted in a 33" sink base cabinet with a tilt-out behind the false drawer front. It is about 3.5" away from the wall, so it's a bit cozy in that corner, but I wanted to maximize the space between my prep sink and my cooktop, so that space is just over 16 inches, plenty of room for prep work or setting down a hot pot or pan. I didn't put a disposal in my prep sink due to budget constraints, but I don't really miss it. It's also great just to have another place for people to wash their hands or fill a water pitcher. I adore my prep sink.

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Do you have pictures Cup? That sounds just about right for me, but I'd like to show a pic to DH.

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I don't have pictures, I'm sorry. Here's a link to my sink, keep in mind that my sink is white and my counters are Vanilla Corian, so I have a completely different look. I think I paid around $200 for the sink. And I got the Kohler parts as well as the Vinnata the Lesser faucet. The larger Vinnata is at my main sink, which is made out of Corian. From faucet base to faucet base, my sinks are exactly eleven feet apart. This prep sink size is such a functional size, I can lay a blender jar in there, a colander fits with ease, as do large pots. The only feature that I didn't care for is that while the sink is an undermount, the top rim isn't really flat, so that the sink doesn't mount as tight to the countertop as I would like. Try to view whatever sinks you buy in person before you pay for them. Or buy them from a store that will take them back if you change your mind. I had two other sinks that I bought and looked at for a few days and changed my mind. The Corian main sink was free with the countertops. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Iron Tones Sink

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Cup, thanks. When did you redo your kitchen? I don't remember seeing yours. Chatted with DH and showed him the prep sink. He's very enthusiastic about it and prefers the idea over a pot filler. Will let you know what we end up with.

A friend's wife is an architect (trained but doesn't work) and she is going to take a look at our kitchen drawing to give us some feedback...for FREE.

We've talked about countertop materials and will either choose Silestone, Granite or Granite tiles. Neither of us are fans of Corian. I love the look of Soapstone but DH doesn't care for it. We also want new cabs and appliances, and new flooring. We're still undecided about the material for the flooring...tiles, Vinyl or some kind of laminate. I like the look of tiles but not sure how it will affect my knees. I'm lucky to have a husband who is actually getting involved and thinks the world about the advice I get here.

THANKS a bunch to all who have helped me in the past as well.

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My kitchen was done about a year ago. I've never posted pictures....

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Hi Cup,

I saw some granite countertops but didn't like them, so that's going to be off my list. DH came home the other day telling me about his friend who is putting in granite tiles and seemed to think it was a great idea! Did you put in new cabs as well when you did your kitchen? I'm keeping my mind open to at least looking at IKEA cabinets though I'm concerned about installation since no one I know in my area has ever installed them. I asked several carpenters and they all said they'd never seen one in real life. It sucks to live in the boonies.

Other thing I heard about my island idea for the breakfast nook is that I shouldn't do that since it's not really part of the kitchen. I'm like duhhhh, that's why I'm trying to integrate the two places via the island. Thanks for your help.

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I installed new Kraftmaid cabs nearly two years ago. Keep looking at granite, you may see another type of granite that might be perfect for your new kitchen. I have a Corian countertop and I love it. With my light maple shaker cabs, white tile splash, and Vanilla Corian, the look suggests a Hoosier cabinet. Very simple, but I love the uncluttered look (it balances the clutter in the rest of the house).

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Cup, I was so tired last night that I typed granite without saying TILES. That's what I didn't like, the granite tiled countertops.

Going to check out Kraftmaid today. I don't mind taking a look at IKEA also but that's going to be a long distance thing and though I've read the thread, I am still confused. IKEA is a crazy store from my first experience there, and I cannot imagine trying to find cabs and order them over a long weekend that's meant for prom shopping!!

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Oh dear, I came across this article and now I'm wondering where to put my DW :-(. It's going to be so close to the refrigerator! *sigh.*

Saving Energy Money in the Kitchen

LAST UPDATE: 3/9/2005 12:25:00 PM

Don't be fooled by terms like energy miser or fuel saver when you shop for kitchen appliances. The best way to compare the energy efficiency of appliances is to look at the government's energy guide labels. When you shop to buy new appliances .... look at labels. The best thing about this kitchen ... lets face it it looks great .... but the next best thing ... it's energy efficient. Most appliances now have these yellow tags that rate energy use .... only the ones with the star are considered energy efficient ... like this refrigerator tag. Rob Hallbauer of the Maytag store tells us, "It is 15 percent better than what the government standard are for refrigeration." A fridge with a bottom freezer is normally more efficient than a side by side ... but the side by side beats the top freezer by about seven percent when it comes to energy savings. "This is 51 dollars a year. So it's more expensive to operate then the bottom freezer. The other was 42 a year. This is 51. " And 51 dollars a year is a lot less than an older model fridge. If you have one in the basement chances are it eats up about $120 in power a year. If you're building or remodeling you might talk with a consultant. Ask about product placement. A fridge that's too close to a stove or window with sun coming in may make this work harder to keep your food cold. Putting a dishwasher next to a fridge is an energy drain because of the heat and humidity it throws off. If you don't have a choice slide a piece of foam insulation between the two. if you air dry the dishes you'll save 15-20 percent on the cost of doing a load. That will also lengthen the life of a dishwasher. And you can use the short cycle unless dishes are especially dirty. "Another thing that can help be energy saver .. Is a stainless steel tub inside." The stainless steel helps the dishes dry faster. Certainly it's not all about money. "It's really up to you and your family what's more important. " But for most of us the lights and appliances in our home make up 45 percent of our energy use. So a little here and there can really add up. A few other things about the fridge .. make sure you have space around walls and cabinets ... air flow helps with energy savings. Cleaning the coils can save up to 30 percent!! Using a microwave will save you 50 percent over an oven. Self-cleaning ovens are better insulated that those that aren't. And glass and ceramic pans cut cooking temperatures about 25 degrees.

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Mari, you know I had recent knee surgery, too, and I am thankful every day that we do not have tile in our kitchen. We have wood, and it has some give to it, but cork or linoleum (perhaps marmoleum?) would be great, too.

Helping my SIL in her (tiled) kitchen is misery after an hour or so. Bring out the ice bags and open the ibuprophen!

Also, I will take issue with the Energy Update you cited. My plastic(?) dishdrawer dries light-years faster than my SIL's stainless-tub dishwasher. Hers also 'holds' heat- when she opens it, the heat just radiates out into the kitchen. The doors on the stainless tubs are very heavy, too.

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Peacan, I just got around to checking this thread and didn't realise you had posted. How is your knee? Mine has healed quite well but I still can't kneel or stand for long periods without getting some swelling or pain. It's not as bad as before, so I'm thankful.

Was at a kitchen store two days ago and had to stand and walk around quite a bit on tiles. It was HARD!! I love the look of tiles, but don't know how it would work for me. DH is all for tiles, but he didn't have surgery. Will look into cork and marmoleum (saw a few posts on that and it caught my attention).

So far I've made some progress. I'm seriously thinking of being my own GC because I haven't met anyone that I'd like to hand the entire job over to! I've acquired a list of good subs: electrician, have the names of at least 3 plumbers, 2 tile setters, an HVAC operation coming out to see what can be done about the ducted ventilation for my kitchen, and have LOWES & HD, plus kitchen store and a local cabinetry place working on the cabinet quote. I'm going towards Maple but haven't chosen a stain yet, and I do want a contemporary look so slab doors are my least I've found the wood type, right?

We also went to take a look at appliances and are still trying to figure out what we want. It's been fun so far, though I'd like to strangle DH for having this idea that we're putting in granite tiles...if I can find a good fabricator and reasonably priced granite, that's what I'm aiming for.

Wish me luck!!

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