Morton's neuroma?

catherinetAugust 15, 2006


I recently had knee surgery, and maybe I'm hobbling the wrong way, but now I am having extreme stinging pain in my middle toes on one much so, that I can't walk at times.

I've looked it up on the internet, and the symptoms point to Morton's neuroma. Does anyone here have it, and what has helped you? Thanks.

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I had a neuroma once. Very painful. One shot of corizone cured it and it never came back. I was amazed at how effective the treatment was. Go see your doctor and have it done.

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THanks over,
That is very encouraging to hear. I would be so happy if one shot took care of this! It's unbelieveably painful. Every time I go in a store to shop, it starts up and I can barely make it out. Was your's caused by anything in particular? I had knee surgery 3 weeks ago and am having alot of problems with I'm thinking I'm just walking on it funny. thanks for your help.

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To my knowledge, nothing caused it. It just happened. And it went away so easily with the shot that I almost forgot I ever had it.

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Thanks o and u!

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That must be what I had. I couldn't walk for more than a couple of blocks before the pain in my third and fourth toes becoming so bad I had to quit. I went on like this for months. I saw a podiatrist but he just ignored my question and told me to buy new shoes. I don't think the shoes made a difference. I don't really know when the pain went away. It was just one of those things where you suddenly realize you don't have a pain there anymore.

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Hi devorah.......sounds like he wasn't a very good podiatrist! Sorry about that. The cortizone shot is supposed to work well, plus I've read they make orthotics that take the pressure off that area.
I'm still recovering from knee surgury, and am limping, and am thinking that maybe once my knee is better, my foot pain will get better. I sure hope so, because, like you, I can't walk very far before this becomes so bad I can't walk. I'm glad your's went away.

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I don't know what to do about my podiatrist. I am diabetic so my GP is after me to see one on an annual basis and it was the one he sent me too that I think takes no time with his patients. I had to go in twice with just a couple of weeks between. He didn't remember me or read my chart because he just told me to buy new shoes, take Co-Q-10, B-6, and Alpha-lipoic acid - BOTH times.

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I had Morton's Neuroma about 12 yr. ago. First foot doc wanted to do surgery and cut the nerves, he said that would stop the pain. Went to another foot doc. He made special orthodics that took the pressure off of those nerves. Have never had surgery, and the pain went away. Hope that this helps. I remember all the pain, and very little walking.

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Devorah, you just need to find a different podiatrist. Even if you have to travel a ways to get to a better one, that's what you have to do. Those supplements might help your general health, but I think you could really benefit from some specially-made inlays (orthotics). Look for another podiatrist today!

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good advice. Thank you

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I don't want to go to the podiatrist yet. He's so far away. Does anyone know of an over-the-counter inlay or some sort of insert that helps with this kind of pain? I'm thinking the inserts with metatarsal arches are supposed to work.........but I've also seen some foam things for under the toes. I just never know what's going to flare it up. My toe box in my shoes seems plenty big enough.

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My husband has Morton's Neuroma. He is not a runner and has never worn shoes that would limit toe space. This neuroma seems to happen out of nowhere sometimes. He was told to buy New Balance Shoes and he has also ordered the expensive inserts to put in his shoes. Still he has pain although it is a little better. He went and bought the inserts that the doctor has in the office that do not have to be special ordered for other pairs of shoes. They were about $30 and seems to work as well as the others. We considered the surgery but have heard so many tales of complications and of the return of the neuroma. A PT we know recommended a special kind of foot massage to seperate the area. He said you can learn it yourself or find a massage therapist that is familiar with it. We have not tried that yet but it is next on the list.
Has anyone had any success with foot massage for this condition?

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Thanks tcheyenne,

Thanks for the heads-up about the surgery. I just finished a knee surgery that's been a challenge.....and I don't want another problem to deal with!
I've always had foot problems off and on through life. My podiatrist is just a miracle-worker......but he did moved kind of far I keep hoping this pain will go away. But it's just getting worse.
I'm thinking that a steroid injection would be one of the first things he does. Did your husband get injected?
I wear New Balance with a very large toe box, and I'm not a runner either.
I'm toying with the idea of buying an over-the-counter insert with a metatarsal arch. Is that arch what they told your husband is important? I want to buy the right ones.
I'm seeing a PT for my knee, so maybe she'll know something about the massage. I'll ask her.
I used to get this pain whenever I got new shoes. It would only last about 2-3 days. But this is going on a couple weeks now. It's amazing how painful it can be! I can't take NSAIDS......which probably would have helped.
Someone on another forum told me that she thought she had a neuroma, but it was a plantar's wart. Is your husband sure he doesn't have that?

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Diagnosed with neuroma between 3-4th toes. Had a cortisone injection on the 16th. Still feels like a squishy ball on the bottom of my foot. Had to do alot of walking over the weekend and it was uncomfortable. Also, my foot feels fatter than the other. How long is this supposed to last?
I was scheduled Oct 7 for another injection, but since I have these symptoms, they want to see me on Sept 30th.
Anyone else have the injection and had a problem with it like this?

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I have a neuroma between the 2nd and 3rd toes, and got a cortisone shot a month ago. It did feel strange at first, like something was under my skin and it was uncomfortable to walk on. I was called "gimpy" for a few days at work. It went down over the next several days and hurt, but after a week, the pain has improved and I'm hoping it will continue to get better. The podiatrist saw me a week and a half ago and says that we'll keep an eye on it to see what it will do in a few weeks. He said he gave me a fairly large dose of cortisone, so it should last for 3-4 months. I'm surprised that your doctor wants to put in another one so soon after. Be careful of having too many shots, as they can degrade soft tissue. You really don't want your fat pads to atrophy cause without them, you will be susceptible to more neuromas. I would get a second opinion and maybe the next doctor will be more conservative with treatment.

I was wondering if anyone had massages that help with neuromas. I met a massage therapist claiming that massaging other areas helps blood flow and speeds up healing. I do feel a tightness on my right shin and calf (right foot has neuroma) that is not there on my other leg. Has anyone else encountered this? I don't know if it was caused by my limping.

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I too have Morton's Neuroma. I suffer in horrible pain for several years before I found my happy place.
I take 500mg of Naproxin every day. For many just an Advil or two will help. These are anti-inflammatory drugs, I have tried skipping a day or two...BIG mistake.
I had cortison injections at the beginning of September, I felt almost instant relief. And still do.
I wear a gel type spacer in between my big toe and the next toe to keep the nerves from touching each other. Another wonderful thing to try.
You may have to try putting them between different toes until you find relief. Some have to have them between all toes, but they are very comfy and I forget they are there until I take me socks off. You can find these in the foot section of any pharmacy.
This combination of things has deemed me pain free, which I never would have dreamed of.
I waited several years too long to get treatment, and I am still shocked that my pain is zero.
The only other option for me would have been surgery to lasar the nerves.
I must say, I have tried not using the meds or the spacers from time to time and I can feel the pain coming back.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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Thanks for the suggestions about the gel spacers.
Actually, the only thing I did was to start wearing "WalkFit" orthotics. They are over-the-counter, and they seem to be exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, I have to buy new ones about every 3-4 months, but they are only $20. I know that's alot, but that's alot less than custom-made orthotics.
I'm disappointed that I had such incredible pain. I could hardly even walk on them, but the orthopedic surgeon said I didn't have Morton's. He had me have an expensive orthotic made that made my knees hurt and didn't help my feet! So its "Walkfit" for me!
I can't take NSAIDS, because of my stomach.. Its too bad, because I'm sure they help alot.
Glad things are working out for you! there's nothing worse than feet you can't walk on!

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I just had surgery for Morton's Neuroma on Friday, and it is the best thing I could have done. I walked into outpatient surgery in a lot of pain and I actually was able to walk out on my own about 4 hrs later with no pain. The actual surgery took about 45 min. The rest was for prep and then recovery. They used a MAC anesthetic on me. I remember being wheeled into surgery, and they asked me to move off of the bed onto the surgical table. The next thing I remember is being asked to move off of the surgical table onto the bed. Then I spent about 1 1/2 hrs in recovery and was sent home. I was given a prescription for pain meds and I took them faithfully for 3 days, but now just take 2 Aleve a day. And I doubt that I will need them after today. This has turned out to be a piece of cake. Not much worse than having a tooth pulled, maybe even not as bad. I just wanted to make sure that someone with a positive outcome posted as there seems to be so many that will only post negative outcomes. Then when someone wants to do research on a procedure, they get scared away from what they really need to do, and end up trying things that don't really cure the problem, or they just end up dealing with the pain. Yes, there are always going to be bad experiences, but after being able to do some other good research, I discovered that the bad experiences are few and far between. But again unfortunately, these bad experiences are the ones that are posted.

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Glad to hear it went well for you doncc2!
What were your exact symptoms, and how did the doc diagnose it? Was it just 1 foot? I seemed to have the symptoms, but the doc said I didn't have it.

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I too am interested to find if it was both feet or just one.
It can be horrible pain. I could always feel a bad day coming on the night before. I think I have the pain managed well right now, but would certainly entertain having the surgery.
Are you numb in the area of surgery?


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I may have this surgery this year. I have 3 questions:
1. Had you had any steroid injections in your foot prior to the surgery?
2. Did you use crutches or a walking boot anytime during recovery?
3. What was the pain like during recovery?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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I know this post is 6 months old, but I would like to continue it.
As I said above, I developed severe stinging toe pain several years ago. I should have gone to see my favorite podiatrist, but instead, went to a foot/ankle ortho doc who was in the same clinic as the doc who did my knee surgery.
This doc took xrays and examined my foot and said he couldn't find anything wrong with it. I had sure thought it was a neuroma.
He had me get custom orthotics that never helped and had me have physical therapy for awhile, which didn't help.
It all seemed to get slowly better and I would just have stinging/numb toes intermittently over the past 2 years.

Then, a month ago, I sprained my ankle and the limping brought this horrible pain back. I finally called my old podiatrist and traveled 50 miles to see him.
Right away, he diagnosed a neuroma. He said I no doubt had this neuroma over 2 years ago when I saw the other doc. Anyhow......he gave me a steroid injection and said that he wasn't sure it would work, since it was so large, and I'd had it for so long. My 2nd and 3rd toe were even pushed apart because of it!
It makes me soooooo angry at the ortho doc. And those docs always bad-mouth podiatrists.
Anyhow.........more questions for those of you who have had this problem and had the steroid injection or the surgery: How long did you try to avoid walking on your foot after the injection? How long did it take to feel better? The doc said I could be on it a little tomorrow, but I sure want to maximize the chances of it working and will rest it as long as I need to.
He said if this doesn't work, I will need surgery. But he said I would have to be off my feet completely for 1 week afterwards, then during the second week I couldn't be on them more than 3-4 hours at a time. That I would be in a surgical boot for 2 weeks. Wow. that seemed like alot of down time. I thought cutting the neuroma out would be easier than that. But he said if you irritate it too soon, it could form adhesions and scar tissue.
I intend to write that ortho doc. Why would he overlook a neuroma, when I had the textbook symptoms????? He is at a major sports clinic in a big city.
When I think of the money I wasted on him/orthotics/physical therapy, it makes me very angry.
I should have followed my gut and traveled the distance necessary to see my podiatrist. I won't make that mistake again.
Any info you might have will be appreciated!

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