Green Smoothies

jockewingAugust 29, 2009

I have been making smoothies for a while now, but I was getting concerned about the amount of sugar in them (although it comes naturally from the fruit). I use a handful of frozen unsweetened strawberries, a handful of frozen unsweetened mixed berries and cherries, a banana, a couple spoonfuls of plain unsweetened organic yogurt, and have just switched from regular OJ to fresh squeezed (about 1/3 of a cup). These turn out delicious and are extremely filling. I drink one of these several nights a week instead of eating dinner. There is no sugar, honey or other sweetener added as the natural sweetness of the berries is plenty.

Recently I heard about green smoothies, and thought it might be an ideal way to increase my green vegetable intake. Today I made my regular recipe as listed above, and added 3 large kale leaves, several large handfuls of spinach leaves, and about 5 stalks of parsley. It did turn the smoothie slightly green, but it was still delicious. There was a very slight "green" taste, but it was not at all unpleasant as the berry flavor seems to dominate.

Does this sound like a good recipe from a weight loss standpoint? I am worried about the natural sugar from the berries. But then I think, how could all this natural fruit and vegetables ever be bad?

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Hi jockewing,
It sounds like a really healthy drink! Once a day doesn't seem like too much fructose. Just be sure to eat more veggies during the day and a little protein too.
Adding spinach to a fruity smoothie is a great way of sneaking it in!
If you have trouble like I do.......of having my appetite triggered by sugars of any kind, then the drink you're making might increase your appetite a bit. But if not.......I say go for it!

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I don't see any prob from the berries as they are high fiber and pretty low in sugar as fruits go. Cherries too. Also you are pureeing them rather than juicing them so the whole fruit is in there. If anything, the oj is a sugar culprit but 1/3 cup is not terrible.

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