Fluctuating Blood Pressure

downsouthAugust 19, 2004

I went to the dentist today for a deep cleaning. She was going to numb me (with shots), but after taking three blood pressure readings (first one being 139/90, second at 112/80 and the third at 150/90), she decided to wait until I went to see my family doctor about my blood pressure. I never thought this was really high enough to be that concerned to stop the dental procedure, but it did make me feel good that my dentist is very informed and does take all necessary precautions and not put a patient at risk.

I'll go back after I see what my doctor says. I have a feeling it's going to be time for BP medication.

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Hi. As someone who's been on BP meds for years, I agree with you that yours didn't sound high (to me)...could have been "white coat nerves"...a wee nervous about a dental procedure, but I'm ON meds and can't get mine that low! ;-)
Naturally it's a good idea to be checked....did she have a base reading for you that this was a high comparison? Honey...those numbers would be a treat for me! What's normal for one, isn't for another....by all means, get checked...hope it's all good news! ;-D

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