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ivamaeAugust 2, 2006

I used to check my blood pressure frequently at the drug store at my Dr.s request, as it was frequently too high. I haven't for quite awhile, but each time I did it was coming down a bit. To-day I decided to check and it was 112/58. I know the 112 is all right but what about the 58? Years ago I was always on iron tablets. My former Dr. who is now retired told me that I was a carrier for pernicious anaemia and that I needed to watch as I could develop it myself. Any suggestions?

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The 58 is a bit on the low side, but unless you are feeling dizzy when you stand up, it's OK.

If you have a family history of pernicious anemia - IRON will not prevent it. You just need ot have your hemoglobin levels checked once a year or so.

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pernicious anaemia requires B-12 shots, not iron. The shots can be expensive, but if your doctor is cooperative you can learn to give them to yourself.

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True. B12 shots are inexpensive if you give them to yourself. It's easy. You would need a prescription for both the serum and the syringes.

Did your doctor precribe iron, or were you just taking it? It would not do a bit of good for pernicious anemia. It doesn't do anything for high blood pressure either.

If you don't think you could sticking yourself, I am sure that you have a nearby friend or neighbor that knows how. The problem with B12 anemia, is that the body lacks certain factors that allow the absorption of B12 from food. The injections bypass the stomach and digestive process.

Check with your doctor to see if you really need to worry about pernicious anemia.

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Thanks everyone. There seems to be some confusion. I did need iron when I was a teen ager and in my early 20's but not now for many years. About 5 years ago I was told I was no doubt a carrier of perncious anaemia and although I didn't have it, was told I needed to be watchful. That Dr. is now retired. I have had to watch my blood pressure, as the last few years it has had a tendancy to be high especially when in a Dr.s office - 190/110. It has gradually come down even in such situations but it is many many years since it was this low. I will keep tabs on it at diferent places as I have also been quite unsteady but that was blamed on a lot of stress I have been going through.

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I have had to watch my blood pressure, as the last few years it has had a tendancy to be high especially when in a Dr.s office

What this means to me is "tendency to be high especially when under stress", such as in a doctor's office, in heavy traffic, in a slow-moving line at the post office/grocery store/you name it, family or money troubles, the list goes on. A trip to the doctor's office is only one source of stress. I believe the high BP is just the way that particular person responds to stress, not necessarily the result of being in a doctor's office. You wouldn't know how your BP is in any other scenario, so that's why people tend to think it's high only when they go to the doctor.

That said.... if you have a history of high BP and it is now low -- have you lost weight, started exercising, changed your diet toward the healthy side, reduced/eliminated salt or caffiene? If not, then keep an eye on it, check it frequently, and if it continues to drop then I think you should call your doctor.

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