Red Tongue - Burning...

carrie630August 16, 2009

Geez - of all the weird symptoms - I have a burning, red tongue - has anyone ever had that?

Before this, last month - I had a blood test - appeared normal, but now this has started.

I will call the doctor - but wondered if this was familiar to anyone.

I have no weight issues or any other issues for that matter, don't smoke, drink, do drugs - I have a rather healthy lifestyle - exercises, I don't eat a lot of red meat, etc. etc.

Anyway - just thought i would chime in and see if this was familiar to anyone out there


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Are you going through menopause? Some women develop a burning tongue with menopause, for some strange reason.
Are you getting enough of the various the Bs?
do you have any white patches on your tongue, which could be thrush? Are you on any meds?
I had alot of mouth problems when I was on HRT and a higher dose of a beta blocker.
Do you make adequate saliva?
Do an internet search on "burning tongue" and you might see which vitamins you might be low on.
I would also wonder about thrush.
During perimenopause, I developed "hairy tongue", which cleared up with an antibiotic.......but something was definitely weird in my mouth for several years.
Good luck, and keep me posted. I'd be interested in what you find.
If you have a saliva problem, there is a toothpaste/mouthwash for people who don't make enough saliva which is supposed to be helpful in creating more saliva.
Are your eyes dry at all?

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