What (engineered/solid) wood for this type of look (pics)?

babs711August 1, 2011


I've been to this forum a few times but mostly to read and learn. I'm pretty regular over on kitchens and home decorating. We're getting ready to build a home for our family of four. We have two children, a boy (10) and a girl (6) and a whopping 14 lb dog that does not shed. This house will be the house we plan to stay in so I'm trying to make my decisions the right ones.

We have a very open plan for the downstairs main spaces. I'm looking for a moderately dark wood. In our current house we have a Bruce floor in Butterscotch that has held up fairly well. But because of the shiny finish, it shows more scratches than I'd like in some spots...from the dog's nails or furniture or whatever. I like distressed floors but not a ton of machine handscraping that looks really wavy. I know I want to go darker and want wider planks without much bevel and very very very little sheen. We will have white kitchen cabinetry and builtins in our living room (the rooms are wide open to each other)

The photos I'm drawn to:

I also like these but think they're pine which I think might be too soft for us?

We are a casual family and are not doing a formal living room or dining room in this house. After you go through the foyer/entry, you enter the main space and can see straight through to the back yard. The floors are going to be SEEN in this house. The family room, casual dining/breakfast area and kitchen are all open to each other. We are an active family. Since we live in New Orleans, I want something with character and that looks beautiful, yet not too dressy and not too busy. We want a comfortable feel to our home. I'd also like some character to the floor to help mask any dings that may occur. But again, I do not like a lot of handscraping. I also want to try and stay mid-range (possibly a little above but not go super high-end). Is it possible to have a beautiful floor with character at a mid-range price point?

I went to a local place and he showed me UA Flooring's Olde Charleston Genuine Teak. It's beautiful but a bit lighter than most of the photos I'm drawn to. So I'm not sure it will give me the look I want for the overall space. I also have read that Teak is softer than Pine.

This has been longer than I meant for it to be. Sorry! In a nutshell, can you recommend a manufacturer and floor that can get me started to achieving the feel I'm after? I'd like to stick to our local places that carry: Shaw, Bruce, UA, Mannington, Columbia, Mohawk, Lauzon and Armstrong (Robbins). They may have other brands but these are the ones I know of off hand. Thank you so very much!

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Grand Canyon by Shaw Industries...

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We have been extremely pleased with the quality of our Lauzon engineered wood flooring. Ours is red oak natural, so much lighter in color than what you are looking for. I recognize the 4th picture from the top of your post. It belongs to my neighbor, Jodi. I sent her an email and link to your post so that she can tell you what type of wood she has and the color. It is very beautiful in her home!

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Thanks for the email Laurie.

Yes, the fourth photo down is the view as you walk into our front door. Or at least what it looked like a couple years ago. We have since made that room into a formal dining room. This is what it looks like now. Lighting is different so it looks darker and perhaps a little closer to the real color.

It's a beautiful, warm engineered floor and I love it. But ... we don't have kids at home any more or a pet. The wood is fairly soft and dents easily. It is forgiving though as dents just look like natural patina. Also, since it's a cherry, it darkens and reddens with age (another reason it looks darker in the second photo).

Here are the specs: Victoria Floors Antique Collection Coique (Chilean Cherry) Chocolate, 7" wide planks.


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Thank you guys! I remembered I got that photo from here but couldn't remember the owner! I'm glad you figured that out!

I appreciate your help and any extra input is still welcome!

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babs711...I am also interested in finding a floor like this for my remodel. I need to pick ASAP! Having a hard time finding that look...not necessarily sure I want the "handscraped" look. I particularly like your #2,3,7 and 8 pics. Anyone have anything like these?

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Vinogirl, Heart Pine. I'm torn here because I've gone to houses and seen it finished on-site. I've also seen UA's Pine as well as Crescent Hardwood's Pine in the natural and Amber (darker) finish. Stunning. I know it will be slightly softer than oak but that's part of the character of heart pine. And heart pine is harder than regular pine. But it's not cheap. They do have engineered with relatively no sheen. Both the UA and Crescent Hardwood were 7" planks.

I've gone to a fantastic local flooring place with my photos. The guy that's helping me pulled out the heart pine engineered as well as a beautiful brazilian walnut floor that was a bit less and much much harder. The third choice I liked that he pulled for me was Mannington Marrakech Hickory in a med/deep stain. My goal is to have a floor with character but something that won't overpower the space and that helps the space feel comfortable. I was happy with these three over everything I saw. Then I saw the site finished reclaimed heart pine and my heart stopped a little. If we only had unlimited funds!!

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I am currently picking out similar hardwoods for our home. I've narrowed it down to Columbia's Timeworn Dockside Maple (solid 5"), or Armstrong's Gatsby Birch in Coventry Brown. I like a slightly distressed look to hide the wear and tear of 4 kids and a dog, but I don't care for the real wavy look. Love the photos you shared. I recognize several of them from Joan's house, which I absolutely love!

Here is a link that might be useful: sweet chaos blog

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You have pictures of a few different species there.

The top pic look like Carsiles Wide plank in a stained pine.
The second pic looks like a top nailed, of unknown because of the glare.
The third pic down looks like a hickory in 10, 8 and 6 inch widths.
The forth pic down looks like Brazilian Cherry(Jatoba)
the fifth pic... Stained pine
sixth is too small to tell what it is.
7th looks like Australian Cypress.
8 is again too small and a bad angle.

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Thanks for all of that information! Yes, there are definitely different species in my photos. It's more the feel I get from them or that I feel I can get from the space once they're in. I'm glad that at least I will have options.

I'll keep you guys posted on how things go once we progress!

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Sounds like you just like the darker species or darker stains.

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On a different note my previous house had hardwood floor throughout and you might want to think tiles in at least the kitchen. I know it is personal taste but now that I live in a house with mostly tiles I like the fact that water/drink spills won't cause panic attacks anymore. That includes the water bowl for the doggy. Just my 1 1/2 cents,...

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