Mayo Clinic & Pituitary Tumors

gemini40August 12, 2012

I was just operated on for a benign pituitary tumor at a local Boston hospital. The follow up treatment plan recommends the Mayo Clinic as an excellent resource in the treatment of this disorder...are you or do you know of anybody who has used this facility and what was their experience like.


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A lady on GJ forum had a very rare cancer behind her nose & went there & had excellent results. This cancer I think has only affected something like 319 people since it was discovered. Place out here that operates on it talked about it coming back. Mayo doesn't expect repeats, they like to get it all the 1st time. They were very nice to the lady & called her at home & she felt very safe in their hands. I was impressed with her treatment. Also hotel they stayed at had computer stuff so you could send updates to family & friends. She said they were so nice. It was in Winter so she did get advice from us for warm clothes. It's been warm summer but weather back there can change on a dime so take layered clothes so you can add to or take some off. I recall her cancer sometimes attacks neck & throat along with behind the nose so extremely delicate surgery. They use St. Mary's hospital for surgery but you might be going there or having treatment in clinic. Bro-in-law had Drs' at Mayo but he got there way too late(pain had started about 5 yrs before but he wouldn't change dr until he was half dead) but the family was very pleased at way they controlled his pain & said they were very caring. I think you will be in excellent hands. I'm from South Dak. & anyone there with serious medical problems is sent over there so they get lot of patients from surrounding states. Good Luck & they will take good care of you!

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Thanks so much for responding with that positive information...i am definetly going to seek out their facility. it is a 7 min drive from my I am very blessed. Thanks again


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